banish wrinklesThe beauticians are always telling us to drink more water and the celebs also keep telling the media that water is the secret of their flawless glowing skin. However is this really the case? Can drinking lots of water really banish wrinkles?

A correspondent with the Daily Mail took up the challenge to see if drinking lots of water a day could actually help reduce wrinkles. She found –

  • That it isn’t so difficult drinking a liter and a half of water a day, and contrary to belief it won’t land you in toilet for an inordinate number of times daily.
  • That she was sleeping better – more calmly and deeper.
  • That she was eating more salad and fruit, which is naturally high in water content. This sort of water, contained in fruit and vegetables is particularly good since it provides slow and steady infusion as we digest the food. The water that comes from healthy food is even more desirable, since it protects and promotes cellular integrity.
  • That when the before and after images of the face were examined there was really not much difference made by the water.

So in conclusion, while drinking more water and eating more water rick foods are excellent for health; as a means to smoothen wrinkles, it is perhaps not as effective.