Your hair needs to be sustained in order to look beautiful and healthy. Imagine your hair to be a coat you wear every day. As time goes by it degrades and breaks and that is why a natural hair care seems like the right way to go.

Beyond the environment factors like sunlight, excessive cold, pollution and the every day rubbing on clothes, which are unavoidable, the women usually submit their hair to extremely damaging procedures. Among these, the most destructive are the excessive brushing, the acid cosmetics which interfere with the health of the scalp, high temperature hair styling equipment or simply a too tight care

The proteins, fat acids and the fats from eggs, honey, castor oil, olive oil and many other natural products can be used to keep the hair healthy and shining.

The avocado is a miracle fruit, recommended because of the impressive quantities of essential fat acids it has. As the hair needs these types of oily acids, an avocado mask is perfect for the fragile hair. It is recommended the use of a very ripe fruit because of the soft texture and the highest quantity in hair nutrients.

The olive oil is the main ingredient for a great number of home made hair masks as well as for the hair remedy products sold in the beauty shops of the world. It has intensive nutritious characteristics; it protects the hair structure and helps the keratin cells regenerate. Because of this regeneration process, the hair regains its shining properties because it reflects better than light.

The hair roots can be nourished only from the inside of the body through a healthy and well balanced nutrition containing the necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet, rich in natural fibers is a secret natural hair care recipe easy to follow.


  1. Well i am a pure vegetarian . Using eggs is not possible for me .Than too can you tell me the best period between two hair massage treatment with egg.

  2. And I thought I knew everything there was to know about this subject…well, now I do – nice post. See ya, Andrew Kent ~ H

  3. It’s very useful post on maintaining the healthy hair.soaking hair in a mixture of milk and egg does wonders.i have tried it,my hair rocks nowww! yes! thanks a lot!

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