The moment a child takes birth, the doctor hands over a list of vaccines and the dates when they must be administered. Pediatric vaccine programs are very successful when compared to the vaccines which are meant for the adults. As a healthy adult, you may hardly feel the need of taking vaccines. It is a common belief that the vaccines are meant only for the children below the age of ten but this belief no longer stands strong.

The scenario is changing at a faster pace. As a responsible person, you should understand that the way pediatric vaccines are important, vaccines for adults, especially women since the age of puberty should be given special attention. These adult vaccines, if administered on time can save you and your loved ones from many fatal diseases.

life saving vaccines for women

An Overview: How Vaccines Work 

It is your immune system that protects and gives you the power to fight against infections and illness. Our immune system when comes in contact with foreign bodies starts producing antibodies which fight the foreign bodies and help us to remain fit. The vaccines stimulate your immune system to produce antibodies. If you have already taken the required vaccines, you can resist the disease with the antibody it produces. There are two kinds of vaccines:

Active Vaccines

This kind of vaccine is made out of the weakened form of virus or bacteria. The weak bacteria or viruses or components of them, stimulate your immune system and gives you the ability to fight against the disease over a long period of time.

Passive Vaccines

This kind of vaccines provides you temporary immunity or short-term protection. It is obtained from a pool of donors.

Although there are few concerns over the use of vaccines, but in most cases, the utility of vaccinating is more than its potential risk. It is highly appreciated for being safe and is also considered as the most effective way to fight or prevent the diseases.Vaccines are meant for children as well as adults. Here are few vaccines that are exclusively for women when they reach the puberty:

Rubella Vaccine

If you are a woman of childbearing age, you should undergo the rubella immunity test. If it is detected that there is no evidence of immunity, you must get rubella vaccine. If you are pregnant, it must be given to you after the completion of pregnancy. The greatest risk because of rubella is not the children or the adults but the unborn child. If you are suffering from rubella and you are pregnant, you are sure to get well soon, but your unborn child may suffer from deformities. So MMR vaccine, which is a combination of measles, mumps and rubella, must be taken before you conceive. Rubella vaccine can also be taken itself.

HPV Vaccine

To prevent HPV, the human papillomavirus, which causes most of the cervical cancers, three vaccines of HPV should be taken. It is given to the girls of 11-12 years in 3 shots over a period of six months. If not taken at this age, you can also take it afterwards as a preventive for cervical cancer. HPV infection is common among women in early 20s and it goes away on its own, but few of them can be fatal leading to cervical cancer.

It is really important that women get the shot of the above mentioned vaccines to prevent any future complication.