Do you often experience itchiness in your scalp even if you don’t have dandruff?

Do you feel something crawling in your crown every now and then? If you experience these, you may have lice in there. These pesky wingless insects are nuisance and harmful to your health.

If you don’t want to experience the torture of having lice on your head, you must know how to protect yourself from them.

Here are simple yet effective tips to prevent them:

1. Wash your hair regularly

The simplest step you have to do is wash your hair. Shampoo[hair shampoo] and condition your hair regularly. Lice will not strive in a clean environment.

2. Avoid too much sun

If you are fond of going out, you must wear a cap or an umbrella to protect your hair. Sweat and oil from your hair can attract lice.

3. Use your own comb and towel

Never borrow other people’s comb or towel. Lice are easily transferred from one person to another especially if you share the same stuffs. Avoid them by using your own comb and towel.

Lice can be a source of embarrassment and humiliation. Protect yourself against them by washing your hair regularly, protecting your scalp from the sun, and using your own comb and towel.