Listen up women, particularly those of us who moan about never getting the time to get into shape and in good health. Harvard researchers are now telling us that just 5 minutes of brisk exercise a day could help keep off the extra pounds, particularly the pounds that come with middle age.

woman riding bicycleMore than 18 thousand premenopausal women were studied over a period of 16 years, to arrive at the conclusion that as little as 5 minutes of exercise a day could actually make a difference to women’s fitness and health levels.

Those women who exercised even those 5 minutes – which could be something as simple as 5 minutes on a bicycle, were seen to have added fewer pounds over the years. Brisk walking as well as biking was seen to decrease the rate of weight gain.

Anne Lusk, research fellow at Harvard and lead author of the study assures women that it’s not as difficult as we think; exercise doesn’t have to be punishing and sweaty and admonishing. She advises that it be woven into one’s daily routine, such as when one needs to get from one to another place; for it to become convenient, regular and an almost unconscious activity.


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