Bra burning may have been a sign of the coming of age of female emancipation; and in fact many women may be happiest in no bra at all, the fact is that for many women, going braless is most uncomfortable.

For those women, who would not dream of venturing out without this item of intimate clothing, what is important is to have a well fitting bra that is the correct size and to recognize what the right size for chest measurements is. You can tell that you are wearing the wrong size of bra if:bra1

  • There is an ‘overflow’. If there are portions of the breasts that do not fit right into the cups and spill over at the top or near the underarm area, then bra is too small.
  • If the back of the bra rides up. Ideally the back of the bra should remain parallel to the front base of the bra, if the back rides up, then either the straps are too short/tight or the bra has lost a lot of its elasticity and is not staying put in the position it is meant to be in.
  • If you have never been professionally measured. Research has shown that between 60 and 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, and if you have never been measured, chances are that you wear the wrong size!
  • If you have been wearing the same size bra for ever.  It is important to acknowledge that age, childbirth and breast feeding will all take a toll on the breasts, their size cannot remain the same forever.
  • If the cups are wrinkly. This would mean that you need smaller cups.