It is one of the facts of life that women are more prone to anxiety, depression and eating disorders than men.

Hormonal and other life changing events tend to impact women more deeply than men, and if you find that you are feeling unusually blue quite often, or that you’re putting on weight without reason, that your relationships are suffering, or that stress has become unmanageable, then you probably need help.

Speaking to a therapist can really help; here are some tips that may help you locate the right person for you.

Man or Woman

How to Speak to a TherapistFor various reasons, a woman may find it easier to speak to another female, particularly if she has been experiencing female health problems and so on.

However male therapist may yield fresh perspective if the problem is a relationship issue with a man.

The important thing is to be comfortable with the person; one who is qualified and experienced enough to help.

Consider your issues

If you’re having relationship issues with a partner or even the kids, it makes sense to consult with a family or marriage therapist; if it is issues at work that plague you, then a professional counselor may be a good idea.

There are different issues that are addressed by different mental health professionals such as psychiatrists/psychologists, or by clinical social worker – consult the family physician to find out who is the best person to help address your problems.

If medications are required the physician will guide you accordingly.

Consider cost, duration and insurance coverage for the therapy

Ask how and what the therapist charges, and if this is based on your income. Is the therapy covered by insurance, and if so for how long. Check accessibility and off hours availability of the therapist if there is need, and ask how long the therapy is likely to last.

Are you making progress?

You should find that there is improvement in your situation after certain duration and that your therapist is approachable, helpful and non-judgmental about your situation and your issues.

If progress and/or improvement in the situation is not noted, then you may want to reevaluate the situation and then reconsider your options.

All of us can use a little help from time to time; it is neither a sign of personal failure nor something to be ashamed of. Life can deal you a difficult hand from time to time, and in spite of our best efforts, it may at times become impossible to cope.

So the only sensible and healthy thing to do at such as time is to find the help you need.