A healthy relationship is the best way to have a long lasting one. There are a number of things that you can do to help you and your partner when it comes to learning how to have a healthy relationship.  Most of the time, it all comes down to communication.

First steps to how to have a healthy relationship

healthy relationshipThe first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are responsible for your own happiness. You cannot expect anyone else to do it for you – and they will not. If you are unhappy in your relationship, instead of blaming the other person, take some time to find out why that it. Is this just something that you are feeling? What can you do to make the feeling go away?

There are times that you will argue – no relationship is perfect. The difference is that arguments in a healthy relationship are resolved because of communication. Instead of shouting at each other and talking over each other, you need to talk and discuss your feelings and differences.

The best thing that you can do is respect what each other is feeling and work together to get to a mutual agreement. Once you make any agreements, make sure that you both stick to them as this will show that you have respect for each other and it creates trust.

Communication is key with any relationship

All relationships need to have some form of communication and there also needs to be some cooperation and compromising. You cannot have everything your own way and you should never use the “if you loved me, you would…” This does not respect the other person’s feelings and thoughts and will just lead them to feeling guilty.

Relationships are about compromise, just like friendships are. It is important to communicate to find out what each other wants or needs. If there is no way of compromising, then you will need to consider just how long the relationship can last.

Tell the truth and forgive

When it comes to learning how to have a healthy relationship, you need to think of these two things: truth and forgiveness. It is important to tell the truth at all times in a relationship. If you lie, you are breaking the bond of trust and you are also showing disrespect to the other person. A lot of people are taught that lying is fine if it protects someone, but this is not the case. Lying in a relationship can never be justified and it will just lead to someone wondering what else you are lying about.

You will also need to learn about forgiveness. There are things that will happen in a relationship and leads to arguments and hurt feelings. The best way of getting over this and moving on is to forgive. When you forgive, you also need to forget – you cannot bring something up in the future to help win an argument because it means that you have not completely forgiven that the situation happened. These are just three steps on how to have a healthy relationship but there are many more.