For some reason, several women experience unpleasant vaginal odor than others. This condition is usually caused by various factors. There are actually several ways on how to get rid of vaginal odor. But first, it would be helpful to identify the causative factors which contribute to the development of this condition.

A healthy vagina normally has a distinct odor. This is actually dependent on the phases of the menstrual cycle. As dead tissues shed off during menstruation this may actually cause a slight odor on the part of the woman.

However, if the unpleasant, fishy smell continues, one might be having a vaginal infection caused by bacteria or yeast.

There are actually several factors which affect the development of a vaginal odor. The vagina normally has an acidic pH. The normal flora of the vagina is composed of certain protective bacteria such as the lactobacilli, which actually forms a protective shield against foreign contaminants.

Vaginal OdorSome medications, activities and conditions actually aggravate the development of an unpleasant genital odor.

Once the pH balance of the vagina is disrupted, some pathogenic bacteria may invade and cause certain infections, thus, causing a fishy smell.

Other medical conditions may prompt an individual to use an antibiotic as ordered by her physician.

Once the treatment starts, the protective bacteria of the vagina is also eradicated.

In addition, some immunosuppressant drugs could actually cause yeast infections. In times like these, some women may wonder on how to get rid of vaginal odor.

Others make the mistake of vigorously washing the vagina using strong feminine wash products. This actually worsens the condition. Some feminine wash may contain very strong chemicals that could advertently disrupt the normal flora of the vagina.

For women who are utterly confused on how to get rid of vaginal odor when antibiotics are prescribed for other conditions, it would be best to seek the advice of a physician.

The initial step on how to get rid of vaginal odor is to restore the normal pH of the vagina. One doesn’t need to use strong feminine wash products in order to cleanse the genital area.

With a milder one, a woman should take time to wash the vaginal area without excessively cleansing it. Some tight-fitting undergarments actually create moisture and encourage the survival of other bacteria.

In order to avoid this, one should wear a loose-fitting undergarment and pat dry the genital area with a clean towel before wearing it. Some also consider healthy diet to be an effective method to get rid of vaginal odor. Basically, eating fruits and vegetables decreases the likelihood of vaginal odor.

If possible, anal sex should be avoided since doing it altogether with vaginal sex transports the bacteria from the anal canal into the vagina. After intercourse, it is recommended to urinate.

Urination actually cleanses the urethra from possible invasion of microorganisms. If, however, the infection and fishy odor persist after several treatments, one should get evaluated for other medical conditions which might actually have developed.