When looking at hospital brochures you should know that the majority of women give birth at a hospital, while others opt for freestanding facilities or for giving birth at home.

If you decide to give birth at a hospital the next big question is which hospital.

Information about giving birth at a hospital

The good news is that the majority of the caregivers have privileges at several different hospitals. If this is the case you should tour each of these hospitals. This way you will be able to make a comparison between them. Timing is important in this case; you should choose the hospital when you choose the caregiver to be able to match them.

In case you find a hospital that you like but your caregiver doesn’t have privileges there it is possible that you will change caregivers just to give birth at the hospital that you like. If there are several hospitals in your community you may find that they have different policies, facilities and philosophies.

What to ask about?

Hospitals use brochure printing services to offer informative materials to future parents. Also,  the hospitals offer tours of their maternity ward. The best thing you could do is to sign up for a tour of this kind. When being on the tour, you should check out how comfortable the obstetrics unit looks. Also look for privacy; some of the hospitals offer private bathrooms and labor rooms.


During labor comfort is really important, so what does the hospital offer for you to be comfortable? Check the comfort of the labor beds. Sometimes these are hard and narrow. The labor room might have some nice touches, such as a couch, rocking chair, tubs and showers to make the pain better or beanbag chairs. However some of the hospitals don’t have anything that would make the mother or the father feel comfortable.

Birthing rooms

This is the room where the mother goes through labor, gives birth and spends some time with the baby after he or she is born. There could be a room where you stay during the entire hospital stay. In other cases women have labor and birth in one room and then they spend a few days in another room. A lot of hospitals convert their labor rooms in rooms where women can stay during their entire hospital stay.

All the hospitals are supposed to have custom brochures of their birthing facilities that show women how pleasant their experience would be at the given hospital.