The Hot Wax Mask developed by Celebrity facialist, Emma Hardie is being touted as the “quickest way to a non surgical face lift” that helps to reveal bright and glowing skin.

hot wax maskThe procedure begins with an hour long facial massage that includes using moisturizing oils and a deep tissue kneading technique to stimulate skin which results in softer and plumper skin.

After the massage, the mask is painted on to the skin and then kept warm under infrared light. This helps the skin absorb the oils better and also helps relieve facial tension helping the muscles relax.

The claim is that the procedure leaves your skin bright and glowing, giving instant, noticeable results, and is a treat for a cold winter day. The procedure also boosts circulation, and helps to oxygenate and detoxify the skin, resulting in other health benefits as well –

  • It is claimed that the treatment can help provide migraine relief
  • It can also provide relief from shoulder, neck and head tension, they claim
  • Sinus problems can also be eased
  • Depression and grief can be alleviated
  • Even symptoms of menopause, and insomnia may be helped to some extent, as per the claim