In a lot, if not all cases, our definition of or how much importance we place on something will determine how we deal with it. You might haphazardly carry a book around because you don’t really like books but only bring them because your teacher says so.

You won’t panic as much having broken a plate you didn’t know was made of expensive china, as compared to if you knew it was. A plain white T-shirt wouldn’t be so important to you unless it’s one of your last pieces of clothing or it has sentimental value.

It’s essentially the same thing with your health. It may be highly unlikely that people don’t know their health is very important and should be taken care of, but some show that that’s exactly the case by the lives they lead.

exercisingThey smoke a pack of cigarettes or more each day. They love going on drinking sprees while munching on junk food. They don’t care much for vegetables but practically live as strict carnivores.

What’s even sadder is that this is not just the case for singles who don’t have anyone depending on them, but even for married people with kids. Whether you’re the former or the latter, you should pay attention to how you live your life.

You should not wait for atherosclerosis to creep up on you as you gobble up fatty foods. Wean yourself from smoking now before you start noticing that you have the permanent smell of tobacco on you and you are constantly coughing.

Correct your habit of reading in the dark, watching too much TV and in close proximity, and listening to loud music even while wearing earphones—or else you’ll find yourself with bad hearing and eyesight very soon.

Control your urging for candies, cakes, and ice cream before you have to be prescribed with insulin every after meal for the rest of your life. Love milk, take calcium supplements, especially for women’s health and correct your bad posture now before you get osteoporosis in your old age and cannot stand straight ever again. And exercise your way to a normal body mass index now before obesity multiplies your risk of acquiring myriad other disorders!

“Carpe diem” sure sounds like a good mantra, but it reads “seize the day: play now, pay later” to some. Your mantra should instead say, “Live healthy,” and since health means your general condition in all aspects as a living being, it’s basically synonymous to “Live well.