Have you ever noticed those dark and rather ugly looking marks on your shoulders or back which keep you from wearing backless or strap less dresses? Well, it is your bra to blame for such kinds of marks. Yes, bra straps of ill fitting bras can often dig into your skin for prolonged periods of time and can traumatize the tissue, thus leading to hyper pigmentation.

ways to get rid of bra strap marks

To avoid this, the first step is to buy yourself a properly fitting bra which has adjustable straps so that you can set the straps in a loose way. Besides this, the following are the 5 most amazing ways to get rid of bra strap marks:

  • If you cannot figure out your perfect bra size, then opt for a professional bra fitting to eliminate the chances of bra strap lines on your shoulders and back. A professional can really help you to get a bra which supports you appropriately and with straps that too not dig too deep into your skin.
  • Another superb way to get rid of the strap lines is to exfoliate or scrub your shoulder area and back regularly. What exfoliation does is that it removes the old cells from the skin and its surface. Also, it reveals new skin cells and helps to fade the marks away. You must exfoliate with something that consists of glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Another way to prevent and cure the bra strap marks that get formed on your shoulders is to make use of a sunscreen cream or lotion every day. The sunscreen must be SPF 15 or higher and helps to protect the skin from the action of the sun’s harmful radiations. If you don’t wear sunscreen then the sun can cause further darkening due to hyper pigmentation. Whether you are stepping out in the sun or not, you must apply sunscreen after having a bath everyday and if possible, even twice a day for the best results.
  • Another superb solution to the problem of bra strap marks is to apple a fade cream to the dark lines that get formed on your back and shoulders. Fade creams are dermatologically tested creams which help to fade dark spots and lines away from the skin and you must prefer those which contain natural ingredients like kojic acid, vitamin C and licorice extract etc.  Always speak to your skin doctor or physician before buying a fade cream for dark strap marks.
  • You can use some home remedies as well to treat this problem. You can mix together some milk with almond oil and massage it on affected areas. Cover it with warm towel for 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.  You can also massage in some petroleum jelly regularly on the affected areas. Another way is to mix a pinch of turmeric to yogurt and create a mask.  Apply this mask on the affected area and then rinse off after some time.

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