Most females chop or shave off their pubic hair regularly as they may seem unnecessary, gross and unpleasant to look at. But like other types of hair on different parts of the body, pubic hair too plays a vital role. This hair start developing once a woman reaches her puberty and this happens for a reason.

So the next time you begin to shave the hair off, think twice and consider the many benefits the female pubic hair may be providing you. The following is a list of the top purposes and functions of female pubic hair and the possible theories associated with the same:

major functions of female pubic hair

1. Pheromones

The most common theory about the reason why women have pubic hair is related to pheromones and the role that they play in sexual attraction.  Pheromones are basically the odors that are produced by the body and attract members of the opposite gender.  There are some people who have strong odors while there are others who may not have strong pheromones.  Pubic hair plays a vital role in capturing and then emitting pheromones from the genital regions into the air and thus this is one major reason or importance of public hair.

2. Warmth

Another possible reason for the presence of pubic hair among females is that these hairs provide certain warmth to the female genital region. In earlier days, people did not wear clothes as we do today and in those days, these hair protected women from the cold and they also help to keep the internal reproductive organs warm and comfortable.

3. Protection

Some studies also suggest that female pubic hairs are present to provide females a certain protection from infections.  Pubic hairs are often thought to prevent various kinds of foreign particles from entering the vaginal area.  Under this theory, these hairs can be compared to eyelashes which protect our eyes.

4. Comfort

A lot of studies and research works suggest that pubic hairs are present on female bodies to provide comfort.  According to a theory, female pubic hair can help to prevent skin irritation as they help to reduce the friction that is felt during body motion.  They help to prevent the friction between the skin and tight clothing and avoid cases of rashes and skin problems.

5. Attract Partner

According to another theory, the main purpose of the presence of pubic hair is attraction.  Some studies suggest that the women who prefer to keep pubic hair and not chop them off may do so to attract her partner’s attention and increase the sexual attraction.

6. Indication of Maturity

Another possible reason for the presence of female pubic hair is that these hair act as indicators of maturity.  When hair start to appear, this may mean that a female is now becoming physically and sexually mature and is a visual sign that lets one know the time when the potential partner is able to procreate and this helps to propagate the species.