From the common cold to common diet, the lemon has been part of the female care for ages. The abruptly sour taste, sign of a high content of vitamin C makes this citrus fruit a helping hand in solving many female issues.

The lemon is rich in flavonoids – antioxidants which stand for a barrier against cancer, and it is also an important source of phosphorous and protein.

lemon juiceThe astringent effect of the lemon juice is caused by its alkaline chemical formula.

This is why the lemon juice is an effective remedy for the infections of the female urinary tract.

The urinary infections are something very common over the age of 30 and it is wise to prevent them by consuming the juice from half of a lemon 2-3 times in a week.

Lemon juice has been proved to be a source of potassium with a very positive result on arterial hypertension. This is a very common health problem for the women that have reached the menopause age.

The cholesterol tends to back down in front of lemon juice consumption and so does the blood sugar level, provided the lemon juice is consumed regularly.

Hot water and lemon juice has been a trendy morning drink. Women believe that this combination is somehow responsible for a mysterious weight loss. The truth is that the combination is triggering a colon cleansing effect similar to the one caused by whole cereals. The drink detoxifies the gall bladder and prevents stomach burns.

Honey and lemon juice combination is also a very familiar remedy used for sore throat and cough and also for its energizing and immunizing properties.

Lemon juice and its antiseptic effect are used to soothe burns, calm heavy feet, help heal psoriasis and purify the blood in case of a malaria infection.

The lemon juice can stop nose bleeds and it can also take care of the female skin being basically the most at hand for common health issues of the female world.