It is possible that you have heard about estrace vaginal cream before, but it is possible that you don’t know what it is good for or how it should be used.

Just as the name suggests, the product comes with estrogen, the female sex hormone that has a role to play in different processes.

What is the vaginal cream called estrace?

In the majority of the cases the cream’s purpose is to alleviate different menopause symptoms, including burning, dryness or itchiness of the area surrounding the vagina. Another advantage of the cream is that it reduces the irritation or the urgency of urination.

What to know about the vaginal cream called estrace?

Estrace Vaginal CreamThe products of this kind can be used locally to treat the menopause symptoms, such as secretions. In this case only the vagina is treated. In other cases the products could be used to treat other body issues as well to make better the hot flushes, for example.

In this case the effects of the estrace vaginal cream are said to be systemic, because they have an effect on other body parts as well than the ones it has been applied to.


Don’t forget that the vaginal cream called Estradiol is a kind of medication, and this is why you shouldn’t use it in case you have medical stroke history, circulation problems, blood clot, cancer or some kind of post-menopausal unusual vaginal bleeding.

Don’t forget that estrace vaginal cream could make a baby get born with birth defects, and so you should make sure that you don’t use it while you are pregnant. You should be using birth control, and in case you get pregnant while being under treatment, you should tell you doctor about it.

When using the product your chances of contracting endometrial hyperplastia increase. This is a health issue that could lead to cancer. To avoid it you should be taking progestin during the time you are using the vaginal cream called estrace.

In case you have to use the cream for a longer period of time, you could increase your chances of getting a heart attack, breast cancer or even stroke. Before you start the treatment, you should ask your doctor about the side effects and risks that the treatment comes with using estrace vaginal cream.

It is best for your doctor to perform regular checkups on you during the treatment and in case there are some problems you should stop it immediately. While you are under the treatment you should also regularly check yourself for lumps or other abnormal nodes.

Talk to your doctor and tell him about your concerns regarding the vaginal cream called estrace.

As it has been mentioned before, there are some conditions that prohibit you from using the treatment. In the same time you should also tell your doctor if you are affected by high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines, heart disease, depression or in case you had a hysterectomy.

There is a lot more to know about estrace vaginal cream so make sure you have the information covered before using it.