Dancing being a fun group (or solo) activity, can promote good health and fitness for women, without it feeling like a task. Some more enjoyable dances to attain great female health are:

Jazz-exercise or Jazzercise: There was a time that jazzercise was hugely popular as evidenced by the mushrooming of these dance classes. Its popularity may have abated somewhat in more recent times, but the benefits you can have from it has not.

If you find that there are no conveniently located classes, you can always buy a DVD and rope in a friend or your partner to dance with you. This will make things even more interesting!

Go-Go Dancing: Though you may think Go-Go dancing is all about getting up on tables and doing the twist, there is more to it than that.

Now joining a Go-Go dance class will mean not only a great cardio workout for you, it will also involve some interesting dressing up and acting out in period pieces or costumes. Not just a workout, it can be great fun too!

Belly Dancing: This is no longer just some exotic dance that others perform. Also called Arabic or Middle Eastern Dance, belly dancing involves all parts of the body, not just the stomach as the name suggests.

It can make you feel sexy and can be greatly enjoyable while also offering the health benefits of a good workout. It is perhaps its effectiveness as a fitness tool that has made belly dancing so very popular.

Yoga Dance: Perhaps the modern concept of Yoga Dance was not something that the ancient yogis visualized, but it is a modern evolution of the ancient concept of Yoga.

Described as “sacred, sensual and wildly fun” practitioners of yoga dance claim to go beyond the merely physical, into emotional as well as spiritual realms. This is not just about physical fitness; it is also about a feeling of wellbeing that permeates the entire being.

Mystical dance exercises are structured in slow, continuous and graceful movements inspired by the Five Great Elements as manifested through the movement and energy of the “chakras”.

Zumba: Designed by dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez in Colombia, Zumba uses Latin and international music to make exercising fun. Recognised by a number of leading fitness educators, Zumba is hugely popular and effective.

Free Form Dance: This offers an imaginative outlet for your creative energies. Inspiring you to just let go, the fast paced music can be as frenetic and enjoyable as you want it to be.

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