As a woman, it is very essential for you to maintain good physical fitness to resist many health conditions that you face further in your life.

Lack of proper fitness mainly interferes with your healthy lifestyle and makes your life a mess.

If you don’t have exact idea about how to maintain proper fitness in your routine life, these are certain fitness tips which can greatly help you to achieve your fitness goals successfully.

Understand your body!

When you are training your body, it becomes very easy for you to have a grip with the repetitions you are

Whenever you experience any sort of trouble, try to decrease your repetitions and at the same time do not be afraid to push yourself to practice more reps.

Your gym should not be a leisure walk in a park. If you really want to achieve proper fitness, you have to essentially understand your body thoroughly.

Be thorough with the techniques!

When you are trying any new technique, try to know more about it and be thorough with it before you practice. By doing this, you can ensure that you can avoid injuries and possibly maximize your desired results. When you have any queries or if you don’t have any clear idea about it, consult your physical trainer and seek better help.

Stay hydrated!

When you are exercising more, always stay hydrated. This means you have to increase your water intake. It is always suggested that you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water. But, if you are really working more, you have to drink more than this in turn to achieve desired results.

Keep an eye on your heart rate!

As a woman, you should workout at 75-80% of your maximum heart rate. If your heart rate is too low, it implies you are not working to full of your potential. On the other hand, too high heart rate is also dangerous. Even, sticking with a medium of 50% will not help you to reach your desired fitness goals.

So, always keep a heart rate monitor on hand that will help you to reach your ideal heart rate.

Focus on weights before cardio!

Most of you begin your health and fitness routine directly with cardio exercises and then go for weight lifting exercises. The main disadvantage with this sort of routine is you might be missing out on a critical component of your fitness routine.

If you continue to practice in the same way, you can certainly experience disappointing results. So, try to focus more on weights initially and then go for cardio that can mainly help you to achieve your fitness goals successfully.

These are certain essential and important steps which you have to consider in your regular fitness routine. Now, it’s up to you to make necessary changes in your routine lifestyle to make it much healthy.

Always remember, go at your own pace and you will be definitely amazed with the results you accomplish.


  1. This is a good post. I have posted some on health topics from my point of view (mostly anti aging), and my concerns. It just takes so long to figure out the right way and wrong way to stay beautiful.

    I wish I had read your blog a long time ago. I have been over weight for almost 10 years because no one told me that cardio doesn’t lose weight – only weights do. I can remember a time when I ate about 1200 calories a day – I worked out 45 minutes in the morning, every morning, and 3 evenings a week. Unfortunaltey – I didn’t lose weght and stayed at 165 becaue no one told me to do physical training first – cardio second.

    Anti aging is my goal. I am 45, but don’t feel like it. I still feel 30ish. I want to look ‘young’ as long as possible.

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