This video posted by the Huffington Post offers insight into the possible problems that can come from plastic surgery as in the case of a 42 year old woman who had had a lot of work done, having undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries.

dangers of cosmetic surgeryThe woman in the video had undergone surgery to have silicone implants put into her lips – now that several years have passed since her surgery, those implants no longer look good – they look artificial and saggy, not quite the puckered pout that must have been the aim originally.

Further problems are posed by the nose job that was done on the woman for cosmetic reasons – whereas earlier this may have got the desired result this is now proving to be an impediment to breathing; the modification cutting into her oxygen intake.

The look that the 42 year old now sees doesn’t quite fit in with her expectations; she doesn’t quite like what she sees in the mirror.

So if you are planning on getting cosmetic work done, consider what this will look like some years down the line. Discuss this frankly and realistically with the surgeon whose services you plan to engage so that there are no nasty surprises some years down the line.