Are you one of those people, who cannot muster up the enthusiasm to exercise; who will not take the stairs if there is an escalator; who will not walk if they can drive?

Are you one of those who is letting good health slip through their fingers simply because they cannot be bothered to exercise?  Well here is a solution that is ideal for you: Dance!

This is a fun and enjoyable way to be really active, get yourself a really good work out, hang with friends and not even think of it as exercise!belly dance

You can choose from all kinds of different dances based on the sort of music you enjoy; based on the sort of dance you can envisage yourself doing.

You can find a group to join or a class to take and find opportunities to make new friends and cultivate new interests as well.

Hip Hop or Street Dancing: You just have to take a look at some of the recent music videos to see how very physically challenging hip hop dancing can be.

One needs some level of fitness and athleticism for some of those moves. Many contemporary dance moves are not unlike aerobics[aerobic exercise] and can really elevate your fitness and stamina levels without you realizing how much work your body is actually doing.

Break dance or popping and locking, which is a component of break dance can also be a great work out requiring a lot of physical control.

Latin Dances: Latin dances like the Salsa, the Rumba, the Tango are now world famous, for their grace, their passion and their sensuousness. These dances can be quite formal and structured with specific step that require study and some effort to master.

Since they are also dances that require partners, there is some coordination and synchronization also required with your partner.  It can be fun practicing with a partner and mastering such a graceful and beautiful art form.

Exotic Dances: In recent times exotic dancing such as pole dancing, and belly dancing are gaining great popularity among those who just want to learn a new dance or activity, those who are interested in trying something new and exciting for their relationship or for those that just want to prove a point to themselves.

Belly dancing can be a great excuse to dress up, shed some inhibitions and really enjoy yourself. Even older women trying it out for the first time will enjoy themselves!

Folk Dance: Folk dance gives you many other opportunities for engaging with others and learning an enjoyable new activity.


  1. Yes,it’s really true dance is a fun and enjoyable way to be really active and a good workout.I suggest zumba dancing for everyone.The workout is great for losing weight and building confidence.

  2. I think dance has the special advantage of lightening the human spirit. I’ve been writing recently about how to fight off winter blues – a common concern, I know – and it occurs to me now that I should add dance to the list of suggested activities that can bring joy to a cold and sometimes dreary season. Nice entry!

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