Coffee loving women rejoice – coffee is good for women and that shot of caffeine could well help in stressful and work related situations. And while coffee can help women, it was seen to have an opposite effect on men, reveals a new Bristol University study.

coffee for women

It could be the way to better male counterparts and get ahead when it comes to performance at work, because coffee consumption seemed to affect men and women differently when it came to stressful situations.

Whereas women were seen to complete tasks earlier after drinking coffee, men seemed to take longer and become less confident as a result of drinking the caffeinated drink which is known to be an effective stimulant to combat sleepiness and enhance performance.

It was the tendency of women to work together to sort out problems, what scientists call ‘tend and befriend’ trait that is responsible for this reaction to stress, whereas men tend to have a more instinctive ‘fight or flee’ response to a stressful situation.

This study adds to the list of possible benefits of drinking coffee – it could fight gout, liver damage, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s – now it would seem it is good for women’s careers as well!


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