To smoke or not to smoke? This is the question, right? Well, it truly is a big question in case of a lot of people. There are some that would quit smoking if they only found the right motivation to do so. Well, here are some well-known celebrities who have given up this vice.

Celebrities Role Models

Charlize Theron

She is known for a lot of different roles in numerous movies, and she is also known to be determinate and ambitious. Lately she has taken the role of a non-smoker, and this might be the most awarded role of her life.

Whoopi Goldberg

Christmas is the time of gifts, right? Well, one year, as a gift to herself, she just quit smoking. According to her she has been motivated to do so when she saw a commercial with kids lying in bed, and as they inhale, they have been exhaling smoke. This has been the end of her smoking career.

Kelly Ripa

There are all kinds of reasons for which celebrities quit smoking. The talk show host has given up smoking in 2006 because she was afraid of wrinkles and cancer. She says that she doesn’t miss smoking anymore.

Elizabeth Hurley

For sure you have heard about many solutions that people turn to in order to help them quit smoking, but one of the funniest have been used by the actress. At one point the paparazzi caught her sucking on a pacifier. Later the spokesperson of the celebrity said that this is her way of quitting smoking.

Courtney Cox Arquette

The actress, along with her husband has found a quite new method to quit smoking. They have asked for the help of Yefim Shubentsov who is said to be using bioenergetics. This is said to be a life force that can be found in all living creatures.

Jennifer Aniston

She is also one of the most well-known actresses, and we might say that she has never had a role as difficult as the role of a non-smoker. She said that she did a lot of yoga in order to cleanse her body of nicotine and caffeine.

Kate Moss

She has decided to give up smoking, hoping that she will be able to conceive a child faster. In order to achieve her goals she has turned to antismoking hypnotist in London. After this she managed to decrease the number of cigarettes smoked per day to half.