BMI stands for body mass index and it is calculated according to the weight and height of a person.

The majority of people envy the celebrities for their looks, but if we take a look at this indicator we may find that even the people with apparently perfect body might need some more work.

Celebrities BMI

1. Angelina Jolie

According to specialists, her BMI must be around 17.9. It is true that it isn’t easy to handle six children and she needs to move around a lot. Women usually consider her a role model, but her BMI tells us that she would be an even better model in case she gained some weight.

2. Beyonce

Her estimated BMI is of 21. Although people say that she is curvy, her BMI indicates that she is perfectly proportioned.            If we think about the fact that she has a normal BMI, what about all those celebrities who are taller and skinnier than her?

3. Serena Williams

There aren’t a lot of athletes that have to worry about being overweight. The BMI of the tennis player is of 22.1, which means that she is also within the normal range. This means that she has a lot of muscle and very little fat, which is normal for an athlete of her kind.

4. Jennifer Lowe Hewitt

Although there have been some photos presented by the media that show her in unflattering positions while having a bikini on, we have to note that her BMI is of about 21.9 and this means that she shouldn’t have anything to hide. Her weight seems to be perfect for her height.

5. Victoria Beckham

For sure you have seen that she is quite skinny, so it is no surprise that she has a BMI of about 15.3. This means that she is underweight. It is said that in order to maintain her figure she eats only once a day and her meal is made of fish and some vegetables.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Just as in the previous case, this girl is known for the sleek figure, and so it was to be expected for her BMI to be of around 18. This means that she is also underweight. According to her, all she wants is to look good and to be healthy. She denies that her past problems had anything to do with her losing weight and she claims that she knowingly tried to reduce her size.