We all probably grew up reading about Scarlett O’Hara having the stays of her corset done up so tight that she could barely breathe in Gone with the Wind and about how heroines in the days of yore were forever having their circulation cut off due to the whale bone corsets they had to wear or how they would faint clean away due to those.

So do modern corsets and bustiers do the same; are you likely to faint or have your circulation impeded due to this? Well in a word no, unless for some reason women want to wear their corsets ridiculously tight or wearing it forms part of a fetish that could be potentially dangerous.corset

In the days past, steel or whalebone were used to give corsets their stiffness and the shape that they would typically impart to the wearer.

However, modern corsets or bustiers are made from flexible and natural materials that offer comfort along with the aesthetics of contouring.

Now corsets may actually be prescribed wearing for those that have certain spinal problems.

So someone with scoliosis may well have to wear a corset, as may someone who has sustained the kind of internal injuries that need the torso to be supported or immobilized.