sex myths We looked at some sex myths in part one of this post; let’s look at some more of these –

1. Being connected to your partner means not having to tell them what you need. Communication is important in all areas of relationship and it becomes doubly important during certain stages of life such as pregnancy and childbirth, menopause, or male menopause (andropause). Communication can make it better for both of you!

2. The sex organs are the most important for determining sex and sexuality. Here the old adage “the most important sex organ is between the ears” holds true; the brain is the most important determinant of sexuality – how a woman feels about herself, what she find arousing and so on.

3. A libido is meaningless if you are single. In fact it is important to be able to pleasure yourself; to have a loving relationship with yourself. If you know what you like, you can tell your partner about it later.

4. Low libido is a female thing. While a low libido is more common among women, men have it too. Causes could include stress, certain medications, alcohol, hormonal imbalances, substance abuse, cancer, diabetes and so on.

5. Low libido among women means hormonal problems. There are many other reasons for low libido among women – hypothyroidism, vaginal pain or dryness, high blood pressure, arthritis, relationship issues, and weight issues can all contribute to low libido.