There are many among us who would enjoy the cosmetic and confidence boosting benefits of a breast lift, but who are just plain afraid of going under the knife for any kind of surgery, particularly cosmetic.

For those of us who are either faint of heart or have an objection to the principle of cosmetic surgery there are other, non invasive ways of getting a subtle, non surgical breast lift:

Breast Lift Exercises: The reason that breasts start to sag after a certain age or after long periods of breast feeding is a reduction of elasticity of the chest muscles and breast tissue.

This lack of firmness and elasticity that comes with time is the reason why breasts seem to lose the battle with gravity.

So doing exercises that tone, tighten and strengthen the chest muscles or the pectorals will be able to significantly counteract this gravitational force.

Pushups, press ups or doing weights that target the chest muscles three times a week can give you good results and also increase your fitness and wellness levels.

Pushups and press ups are known to naturally enhance the strength and firmness of the shoulder and pectoral muscles. Even half pushups on the knees or using a chair to do those pushups can give you good results.

The pectoral muscle section of the weight multi gym which involves bringing the weights forward towards the chest can be particularly useful for this.

Breast Lift Massage: Breast massage is known to rid the tissues of toxins, for healthy lymphatic drainage as well as enhancing shape, size and firmness of the breasts.

A cream, oil, lotion or similar lubricant can be used for the purposes of a breast lift massage. Light to moderate pressure should be used and a back and forth action could be used. Circular massage also can be performed for better lymphatic drainage.

Daily breast massage has been seen to be beneficial by quite a few women. A few minutes of breast lift massage after a bath or shower and in the privacy of the bathroom may be the best time when skin is still moist.

The Right Bras for Breast lift: The push up bra is the best friend of the girl who wanted cleavage but had none. Similarly take a little help from modern technology to halt the march of time and give your spirits and your breasts a boost. If not actually give you a breast lift, a good push up bra can give you the support and the appearance of youthfulness.

While these are good ways of maintaining good muscle tone and suppleness in the breast area, it has to be understood that results may vary with each woman.

Also the herbal and other oils that promise to instantly firm up breasts or offer bigger better breasts within days or with only a few applications are actually not very reliable.

However, while it is true that only surgery will offer anything in the way of drastic or very noticeable changes, massage and exercise can improve general muscle tone of the chest area which is good for health and there is certainly no harm in trying out one of the many breast lift bras on the market either.