More evidence will soon be published showing that breastfeeding your baby has long term health benefits.

Furthermore even after only twelve months or less, of nursing, a woman is provided with a substantial degree of prevention from certain disease.

The advantages to the newborn baby from breastfeeding are espoused readily but the benefits to the mother are never really mentioned. [Breastfeeding Benefits]

Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, who led the study, declared that it shows how vital breast feeding is to the new mother, in not only getting her body back but also regaining her normal health status.breastfeeding2

The University of Pittsburgh where the research was carried out looked at over one hundred and thirty thousand women, who had all come through the menopause. This was part of a Women’s Health Initiative which started fifteen years ago and involved women who had given birth to at least one child.

Statistics showed that the women who have breast fed in total for more than a year was ten per cent more likely to avoid getting heart disease [Heart Disease Prevention] or strokes when they were older. Although there was a point in the life span where there were no advantages at all.

To be published in Obstetrics & Gynecology, it concludes that women who only manage to breastfeed their baby for just one month will still get some protection from diabetes, high cholesterol and will avoid having a high blood pressure.

Schwartz, who is Pittsburgh’s assistant professor, explained that her team had set up different math models to allow for all the other factors for example ethnicity, diet and level of income.