It is true that breast surgery can cause a woman to get a lot of negative feedback, since the dangers and risks associated with breast enlargement or augmentation surgery are many and varied.

However, there are many reasons to have breast augmentation surgeries other than simply wanting to look a certain way or to put it bluntly, other than vanity.

At some point women think that they deserve the indulgence. Having been a selfless mother, homemaker and performing a myriad other roles, a woman has perhaps not had a lot of time left over for herself.breast implants

After years of breastfeeding she has perhaps lost a lot of mammary tissue; what was once firm and high is now perhaps simply losing the battle with gravity.

Some women have asymmetrical breasts or some other congenital deformity, which may cause issues not only of self consciousness but also self esteem and confidence.

Many women however choose to have breast implants simply because they want them; for cosmetic reasons. So long as they educate themselves about the many and serious dangers involved therein, they should go ahead with this so long as they know they are doing something that they actually want to do and not something that they feel pressured to do by family, friends of societal expectation and stereotypes.

Of course then there are the more serious reasons for getting breast augmentation surgery, when a woman has undergone a mastectomy for reasons of breast cancer or otherwise, her changed female shape is bound to be a source of serious psychological trauma.

An implant in such circumstance can restore confidence and courage to once again face the world.

A less common procedure is surgery for breast reduction, which women may want to get rid or simply because the guys tend to converse with their chest and they are just fed up of that!

Or maybe women just got tired of shopping for lingerie being such an arduous process! Perhaps some women just want to go jogging without giving themselves a black eye!

Then there are medical reasons for breast reduction surgery: the weight of breasts can often cause back pain and even neck pain. Often such chronic aches and pains disappear after breast reduction surgery. This can happen when breasts are disproportionately large and make it difficult for a woman to support the weight.

Gigantomastia is extreme growth of the breasts, where reduction surgery may be indicated. There can also be circulation and breathing problems in extreme cases.


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