One of the hottest words regarding mental health in our days is being bipolar, and the truth is that about 2.5% of all adults in the U. S. suffer from it. Usually it causes mood swings, including manic episodes and depression.

Be worst part of the condition is that it is very difficult to diagnose and this is why the media mentions it every time a celebrity does something out of the ordinary and this is also a way to explain their substance abuse.

Bipolar Disorder Celebrities

Catherine Zeta-Jones

After her husband, Michael Douglas has been diagnosed having cancer, she has checked herself in to a rehabilitation center. She needed this in order to be able to deal with everything that has happened lately, and she has been said to have Bi-Polar II Disorder. She made her story public, thinking that she might help other people with the same condition.

Demi Lovato

She is a true Disney star who also had some problems of this kind. She spent some time in a center because she had bulimia and anorexia. After she has been admitted she found out that she has had bipolar disorder. After treatment she said that things make sense now, and after the treatment she was over, she thought that she is in control.

Britney Spears

There have been a lot of rumors regarding possible mental illnesses that the pop star could have, especially after photos appeared with her having her head shaved.

There have been a lot of specialists who said that her actions indicate bipolar disorder, but none of them actually treated the superstar. At the moment it seems like she has recovered, no matter what her problem could have been.

Marilyn Monroe

There are still a lot of questions regarding the life and death of Marilyn Monroe, and seems like some of them are meant to stay that way. A documentary that has been presented in 2001 showed that she had problems with drug abuse and she might have also had mental illnesses. It is a well-known fact that she was manic depressive, meaning that she had major mood swings.

Sinead O’Connor

Besides her talent, the star is also known for having her head shaved and a few years ago she also got known for the fact that she has been able to openly discuss her mental illness on television. She has been diagnosed having bipolar disorder when she was 37.