If you have unsightly cellulite, scars or skin tone, you may feel uncomfortable about showing these areas of skin in public. You could be looking to reduce their appearance on your skin without the aid of cosmetic surgery. It can be difficult to choose the most effective product for the job if you are unsure of what’s available, so it’s wise to look at a range of products.

Two products which can help to reduce these skin problems are Bio Oil and Mederma. Here, the focus is on the pros and cons of each product to help you decide which will work best for you.

bio oil

Bio Oil can help in treating a variety of skin concerns through easing the appearance of stretch marks, scars and an uneven skin tone. It works by maintaining scar tissue elasticity, especially around joints or areas which are prone to high mobility and strain.

It contains all natural ingredients which will benefit the skin including chamomile oil, Vitamin A and E, lavender oil, calendula oil and rosemary oil. But the main ingredient which makes Bio Oil so highly advanced as a formula is PurCellin Oil which makes it good for skin which is ageing or is suffering from dehydration. The latter of which can be caused due to bathing frequently, excessive sweating or harsh weather conditions, e.g. too much exposure to high levels of sun or wind.

Bio Oil should be massaged into the affected area using circular motions, twice every day, for around 3 months minimum to begin to see any effect. It can take longer or shorter to work depending on the skin’s condition and the severity of the scars or stretch marks being treated. However Bio Oil must only be used when a wound has healed, as it isn’t suitable for broken skin.

The downside of Bio Oil for some people is that it contains mineral oil as an ingredient. Some believe that mineral oil can clog the pores and make skin conditions worse; however there is no substantial evidence to support this claim.

In comparison, Mederma is a similar product to Bio Oil which has a range of specialist treatments designed to reduce the appearance and tone of scars and stretch marks. Two of its products are a stretch marks therapy and a scar gel. They also produce a scar cream with SPF 30 in it, which can reduce the look of scars whilst providing sun protection.

The product claims to reduce stretch mark appearance, improve and enhance the skin’s texture and softness whilst diminishing any discolouration. Mederma’s main ingredient in its Skin Care for Scars products is cepalin botanical extract. This specially formulated ingredient is derived from onions and is designed to gradually reduce the appearance of scars. It is thought that Mederma is helpful in reducing scars related to surgery, accidents, injuries, burns, acne and stretch marks.

The skin care for scars treatment is meant to be applied 2-4 times a day and for an average of 3 to 6 months after a wound has healed.Users have claimed that Mederma can cause allergic problems like flaking skin and as the stretch mark treatment needs to be applied around seven times a day, it can be time consuming and the results take longer to see.

However, positive results have been reported for both Mederma and Bio Oil and it’s up to the individual to assess the pros and cons of these treatments against the user’s needs for their own scars and stretch marks.