A Washington Post article talks about the concept of textual harassment which is another form of violence.

The article talks about a Virginia woman who was inundated with text messages from her ex at all times of the day and night; sometimes she would receive 20 or 30 all together, all because he wanted to get back together.

For a 17 year old New York girl, it was threats to kill via text messages when she initiated a breakup with her boyfriend.

This textual harassment is becoming part of dating violence and forms a part of every abusive dating relationship, in these digital times of unlimited text message plans offered by cell phone companies.

Texting has made it easier for people to harass those that they want to. It can be done at anytime, from anywhere and the harassment can be persistent and constant in nature.

Texts can be sent at anytime of the day or night, when eating, when out with people or anywhere; so the person being harassed is constantly vulnerable to this form of insidious attack.

This is such a subtle and private form of attack that others remain oblivious to it, and the warning signs may not even be evident till much later.