In a bid to conform to the latest beauty trends and fashions, women may be doing more harm than good to their hair and skin, and even their health, recent reports have suggested.

Most of us probably heard about it when salon hair treatment Brazilian Blowout made headlines for its Formaldehyde content.

Brazilian Blowout is hair smoothing and relaxing treatment that uses liquid keratin and is one of the more expensive salon treatments which is however wildly popular.

The Brazilian Blowout Scandal

Beauty Regime Harming Health

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and using the product is known to be dangerous, causing problematic symptoms to users and salon technicians.

However the product has not been banned or pulled from the market; rather the product manufacturers have now been enjoined to state on the packaging, warning consumers about the formaldehyde content and its carcinogenic nature.

The product actually emits formaldehyde gas, and so potentially, the product can harm even those who choose not to purchase it.

Deadly Soaps and Cosmetics

It isn’t just labels that declare themselves carcinogenic that are bad for us, even other, seemingly harmless things could be lurking in our bathroom cabinets. Consumer advocates say that many popular skin care products and makeup that we use could be deadly for us.

Many of us don’t know what the ingredients commonly listed as ingredients in our personal care products mean: parabens, phthalates, diethanolamine and formaldehyde are bad for us for a number of reasons.

Many chemicals may not even be listed as such: for instance parabens are sometimes listed simply as ‘fragrance’ which could be an innocuous word for a whole cocktail of harmful chemicals.

What we put on our skin and hair gets into our system causing a range of problems such as allergies, hormonal problems and even cancer! And it is important to remember that even items such as baby shampoo can contain any number of harmful chemicals.

Side effects of laser skin care treatments

Lasers are used for so many different skin care treatments today: for facials, wrinkle reduction, skin toning and tightening, long term hair removal, and so on. Women can get lured by the promise of great results with minimal pain.

However lasers can cause permanent skin damage and even eye damage, which is something that few women know. In the wrong hands, or if used by inadequately trained technicians, lasers can cause pigmentation, burns and severe skin damage; in cases, even damage to the eyes.