There has been a lot of information forthcoming recently about the dangers of tanning beds; that they are as harmful as the rays of the sun when it comes to damage to health and upping risk of skin cancer. And yet tanning salons and tanning beds continue to be popular.

According to the LA Times blog, the message, “Tanning is bad for you,” is really not causing women to stop and take notice. So perhaps the message “Tanning will make you look bad,” may be the more effective one to get across the message to deter tanning bed use. And in fact a study conducted among 430 women, all of whom were sun bed users, it was found that the latter message was more persuasive.

tanning bedsProblems such as skin cancer, sun burn, premature aging and eye damage are all associated with sun beds.

So remember that tanning bed appointment that you have chalked down in your diary is really not a good idea; not only is it not good for your health; its also really bad for your skin and will make you look older faster. To get a visual clue, just think about Magda (Lin Shaye) in There’s Something about Mary

And it is possible to get your healthy glow using the following:

  • Wearing clothes that do not rely on tanned skin for best appearance and impact
  • Sunless tanning products
  • Exercise