A lot of people think that the celebrities have perfect lives and that they don’t have a problem in the world.

The truth is that this is seldom true and they may be facing more than we know. There are a lot of celebrities who opt for sharing shocking truths about their lives.

Adele and her problem

For sure, you have heard about the singing sensation Adele. She admitted that she had a drinking problem.

This was so serious that sometimes she went drunk on the stage and she even forgot the lyrics of her songs. However, she managed to change her life with the help of exercise and a new kind of diet.


The revelation

The truth appeared in a biographical work of Marc Shapiro. This work got the title of ‘Adele: The Biography’. The author is known as an entertainment journalist and he also wrote the biographies of Justin Bieber and J. K. Rowling.

When you know you have a problem?

Adele realized that she had a problem at the middle of her first tour, when by 2 a. m. she was so wasted that when she went on stage she simply forgot the words of her songs.

According to her, this is the worst thing that ever happened to her.

Weight problems

The singer claims that she never wanted to look like the models that can be seen on the covers of magazines.

She is a normal person and she is proud to represent regular people. However, at the beginning of this year she stopped smoking and drinking and she also started exercising and went on a strict diet. According to some of her friends until now she managed to get rid of 20 pounds.


The singer who is 24 at the moment was raised by her mother after her parents split up when she was only 3. She fell in love with a bisexual boy who broke her heart. According to the author of the biography she simply loved the drama involving this boy.

Feelings and alcohol

After she got heartbroken, her alcohol dependence got worse. It is also a known fact that her father used to be an alcoholic too. The singer turned to alcohol to get rid of her pain caused by not founding the love that she wanted to get but never received from her estranged father.