Hair loss is something that is touted as being something of a male problem; however women lose hair as well, but the kind of hair loss and the reasons for hair loss in women may be very different.

Whereas men generally lose hair in a specific pattern, called male pattern baldness, women experience thinning hair or overall hair loss from all over the scalp which is also sometimes known as female pattern baldness.

Hair Loss in WomenHair loss for women typically occurs during the 50s or 60s, though it could be earlier or later.

Common reasons for hair loss in women are –

1. Sometimes it is nothing but the natural growth cycles that cause hair loss – in some seasons we tend to shed more hair than in others.

However, sometimes it is the growth cycles that seem to go awry, which can result in hair loss.

2. Many experts believe that stress and depression is the most common of reasons for hair loss in women. Worry, tension and anxiety can literally cause hair loss, as can a traumatic or life changing event and in many of these cases the hair loss may be a temporary problem that may resolve itself.

3. Nutritional deficiency that causes inadequate nutrients to reach the hair follicles could result in hair loss. Nutritional supplements containing vitamins, magnesium, calcium etc could help resolve this kind of hair loss.

4. Pregnancy and/or childbirth can have impact on hair and its growth. While some women report to having thick lustrous hair during pregnancy, others report hair loss.

Many women go on to lose some hair during the months following childbirth. These conditions are usually temporary and usually resolve themselves.

5. Sometimes hormonal imbalances or autoimmune disorders could be the reasons for hair loss in women. For instance, imbalances of estrogen or even thyroid hormone levels could cause hair loss which can be reversed if the underlying hormonal imbalance is corrected.

6. Certain hair styles that involve tight braiding or cornrows can cause damage to the follicles and result in a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Certain hair treatments such as perms, if done incorrectly can also result in hair loss.

7. Fungal and other infections of the scalp can also be one of the causes of hair loss among women. Antifungal medication will usually take care of this problem and reverse the hair loss.

8. Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus and so on do have the side effects of causing hair loss among women. If fact in such cases, the hair loss may be the first symptom that warns of something being wrong, and this can alert a woman to the fact that there is an underlying problem.

9.Many times prescription medications can cause hair loss – blood thinners or anti coagulants, certain blood pressure or heart medications, gout medicine, anti depressants can cause hair loss.

Excessive vitamin A can also contribute to hair loss. In some cases, reasons for hair loss in women can include birth control pills as well.