Let’s face it – We women tend to pay a lot of attention to outward appearance and the way that we look rather than the way that we are. If we try to lose weight, it is more likely to be due to the fact that we want to fit into X dress size rather than that we want to get healthy.

So here are some health tips for women to keep in mind, which help to increase wellness and good health for the body and the mind.

Health Tips for Women 1. Walk

Walk to the store, walk around the mall, go for a walk in the morning; whichever way you do it, be active and exercise each day.

It will make you feel better, bring your hormones in synch, keep you in shape and avoid risk of so many lifestyle diseases.

Regular exercise also keeps osteoporosis and joint problems at bay.

2. Avoid stress

Learn a relaxation technique, get help from others in the family, take on less responsibility – do whatever you realistically can to lower stress. Stress is bad for you in so many ways – it makes you put on weight, negatively impacts your relationships, interferes with sleep, makes you irritable and anxious and even turns your hair white.

3. Look after your skin

By protecting your skin from harmful sun rays, you are doing yourself a dual favor – with the help of this health tip for women, firstly you delay age spots and age lines from appearing, and second you lower risk of skin cancer.

4. Perform regular breast self exams and get regular pap smears

This is one of the health tips for women that you should be conscientious about. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are two of the most common cancers among women and women have the best chance of beating them if their disease is caught early.

5. Take care of yourself

This is one of the health tips that women often ignore. Between home, family, work and other pressures, women often relegate themselves to the last priority. As a result, their nutrition suffers, they are unable to make time for exercise and hence their health suffers.

So make sure that there is time for leisure and relaxation and for looking after your heath as well – remember to take proper care of the home and family and to give 100% at work as well, a woman needs to be in good health.

6. Drink plenty of water

This is another one of the health tips for women that are good for looks and health as well. Water keeps your insides hydrated and working well and it also helps moisturize your skin from within. Consider getting a water dispenser it could keep you healthy and save you money in the long run.

7. Give up smoking

There are a million reasons to give up smoking and not a single one to continue. So just kick the butt.

8. Drink in moderation

A glass of red wine is probably good for you, but binge drinking or drinking large quantities regularly just isn’t. It may sound unfair but this is one of the special health tips for women – because men tend not to be as affected by heavy drinking as do women.