The good thing about the women menstruation cycle calendar is that it can help you learn more about your own body.

Using this information you will be able to get pregnant or to avoid getting pregnant.

It may be useful to know when you will have your next period so that scheduling vacations, for example, will become easier for you.

Preparing the women’s menstruation cycle calendar

Women-Menstruation-Cycle-CalculatorFor this calendar you will need graph paper. The vertical axis will be the body temperature. Start the numbering from 97.5 degrees and reach 99.5 degrees, writing each tenth of a degree on your calendar. This way you will be able to keep track more efficiently.

The horizontal axis

The horizontal axis from the cycle calendar of women’s menstruation should represent the number of days of your menstruation cycle. Start the numbering at one, all the way through 28, but make sure to leave some space for additional numbers. This will be important if your cycle lasts longer than 28 days.

Start charting

You should use the women menstruation cycle calendar on the first day of your period. This will be the first day of your cycle. It is best if you write the letter M under the day so that later you will know that you were menstruating. Repeat the process each day of your menstruation.

Take your temperature

To use the calendar for women’s menstruation cycle, you will have to take your body temperature starting with the following day. It is best if you do this first thing in the morning, even before you get out of bed. You might need a basal body thermometer that is more sensitive than a regular thermometer.

Complete the chart

Once you know your BBT, take the women menstruation cycle calendar and draw a dot at the right value for the right day. Repeat the process every day and you could connect the dots with straight lines so that you will have a chart in the end.

Ovulation day

It is important to have the cycle calendar of women’s menstruation so that you will know when you ovulate. If you see a rise of about 0.4 degrees for three days it means that you ovulated the day before your body temperature first rose. It is best to color this day on your chart.

The majority of women find the women menstruation cycle calendar really useful when planning a pregnancy so make sure you give it a try if you are planning to conceive.