n case you would like to know what is PID, then you should learn that it stands for pelvic inflammatory disease and it refers to an infection of the reproductive organs of women. Usually the cervix is infected first, and the infection spreads all the way to the uterus.

The causes of pelvic inflammatory disease

The condition is usually caused by infection with bacteria that spreads through sexual contact or body secretions. In more than 50% of the cases the culprit is chlamydia or gonorrhea. According to the studies that have been conducted in this area, in the majority of the cases the patients get infected with two or more infecting agents.

what-is-pidNaturally there are some other organisms as well that could cause pelvic inflammatory disease, but these affect people more rarely.


In case a woman has been affected by the condition, she might present any of the following symptoms: tenderness or abdominal pain especially in the lower abdomen, abnormal vaginal bleeding, back ache, vaginal discharge, pain during intercourse or pain during urination.

In case you are wondering what is PID then you should know that there are also some symptoms that aren’t related to the reproductive organs, such as nausea, fever and vomiting. It is possible for the symptoms to get worse at the end of a period or the first few days of a new period.

When to get alarmed regarding pelvic inflammatory disease?

In case the abdominal pain that you are experiencing doesn’t go away, if you have vaginal discharge with a foul smell, irregular periods, vaginal discharge or if you experience nausea, fever or vomiting, you should seek the help of a doctor.

Keep in mind when thinking about what is PID that it could cause ectopic pregnancy or infertility on the long run, so it is important to see a doctor as soon as you observe the first bothersome symptoms of the condition.

In case you get diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease, you will be admitted to the hospital or your will be closely monitored.

Usually doctors pay even more attention to the young patients who are more likely not to follow the treatment or to suffer complications.

When you are thinking about what is PID, you should know that the patient will most likely be admitted to the hospital if the diagnosis is not clear, in case appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out, if she is pregnant or if the doctor suspects that she has an infection.

Tests and exams

In the majority of the cases the diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease is made based on the family or personal history, appropriate tests and physical exam. It is possible that the patient will have to take a pregnancy test to rule it out.


When considering what is PID the majority of people don’t think about imaging, it may be an important tool to find the source of the problem. When you are faced with ectopic pregnancies the disease is usually missed.