We all know how women get pregnant, but still there are a lot of women who don’t know what is fertility and how to read the signs and signals that their body is sending to them.

In case you acquire this information you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

What is fertility awareness?

For sure you have heard about the rhythm method before that is based on observing the menstruation cycle of women and making a prediction regarding her fertility. On the other hand this method focuses on daily observation, so it becomes suitable even for the women who have varying cycles.

The messages that your body is sending you

What is FertilityThere is a certain way that fertility awareness works in. A few days after your period your estrogen level becomes higher and so some changes will occur regarding your cervical mucus.

During the cycle this mucus changes in its volume and also texture.

When asking what is fertility, you should know that during your most fertile period, usually when women ovulate, the mucus is clear, stretchy and slippery, and it is similar to raw egg white. This is because the mucus has to facilitate the transportation of sperm to the egg.

According to fertility awareness, after your fertile period the progestin levels rise and they make the mucus become pasty and scant, so it is more difficult for the sperm to reach the egg. Other clues regarding fertility are also given by the changes of the body temperature.

If you know what is fertility most probably you also know that right after ovulation the body temperature of women raises a bit and it remains at higher levels until your next period.

In case fertility awareness is important for you, you might know that it could make conception easier and in some cases women can avoid having to use treatments that require a certain level of technology and that usually are quite expensive.

In case you are asking what is fertility, it may be a good idea for you to check your cervical mucus for a month and make a chart of your temperature to find your pattern. During the next month you should go on with the chart, but now you will have a basis of comparison and you will know when you will be ovulating.

Observing mucus

Reaching fertility awareness isn’t difficult if you observe the mucus. This can be easily done through wiping with toilet paper before urinating or by the stretch test. This consists of stretching the mucus between your pointing finger and thumb. In this case the more the mucus stretches, the closer you are to ovulation.

Tracking your temperature

When asking what is fertility, temperature is an important factor. You could be using an oral thermometer. You should be using the thermometer first thing in the morning, while you are in bed, before you do anything else. This is because the activities that we do have an effect on our body temperature and this is something to avoid.