Women who are trying to get pregnant and who want to time sexual intercourse to coincide with their ovulation can find that a basal body thermometer can be of great use. This type of thermometer, which is also known as a basal thermometer is able to detect small fluctuations in the temperature of the body that indicates when a woman is ovulating.

A basal body thermometer is much like a regular thermometer, except that it is much more sensitive and accurate. Whereas a regular thermometer will measure the body temperature by degrees, this kind of thermometer will measure it by fractions of what a regular thermometer calculates.

Basal Body ThermometerIf you are looking for a good quality basal body thermometer, look for one with a certified accuracy to one tenth of a degree, a large and easy to read display and ideally an auto memory that lets you see the last temperature recorded.

Some have displays that are lit so that if you are taking your temperature early in the morning, you don’t have to fumble around for the light switch.

There are different kinds of basal thermometers and some can be used orally, rectally and even vaginally.

Basal thermometers can be made of glass or they could be the sorts that give digital readings. There are pros and cons of both – a glass thermometer is probably what most of us grew up with, but they can be difficult to read and can break easily if you drop them.

Also with a glass thermometer you have to keep track of the time it is inserted with one eye on the clock – digital thermometers beep to tell you when they’re done.

Some tips to use the basal body thermometer correctly

  • The thermometer should be used at the same time each day or as close to that exact time as possible. The body temperature may rise if it is taken later, and may be lower if it is taken earlier so to prevent any inaccurate readings, fix one morning time for taking the temperature.
  • After taking the temperature keep track of your temperature and its changes on a daily basis; this will give you an idea of when and what changes in temperature are taking place so that you can better predict your ovulation.
  • It is recommended that a woman should use the basal body thermometer first thing in the morning to check her temperature. This is supposed to be done after several hours of uninterrupted sleep; ideally 5 hours of sleep or at least 3 hours.
  • This should be done before even getting out of bed, or without too much movement that would cause any temperature fluctuations.
  • Make sure that it is close at hand so that you don’t have to grope about for it. It can help if one’s partner is close at hand so that he can insert the thermometer into the woman’s mouth, without her getting out of bed.
  • When your basal body thermometer indicates that you are ovulating, have sex.