Condoms are the devices designed for contraception.

Although the basic purpose of condom is birth control, it can also used as a primary way to get protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

The female condom is a shield to protect the women from STDs like syphilis, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease (pid), or genital warts.

Remember, female condoms can give you effective results when used correctly. The success rate of female condom in birth control is about 79-95 percent. Even it is ten thousand times safer in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.Female Condom

On the other hand, the failure rate of female condoms is twelve percent; mostly this is due to improper use of condoms while having intercourse.

The female condom is just a tube made up of polyurethane (soft plastic) with its one end closed. Each end has a flexible polyurethane ring.

For using a female condom, you need to choose a comfortable position for insertion: crouch, raise one leg, or lay down. Ensure that the condom is lubricated enough. Also ensure that the closed end of the sheath is at the bottom and the open end is hanging down by holding the sheath.

Squeeze the closed end of the sheath with your thumb and middle finger (where it becomes long and narrow), and then introduce the closed end of the sheath into the vaginal opening.

Insert the closed end smoothly into the vagina and feel it go up. Make use of the index finger to place inside the condom and push the closed end as far as it goes.

Once you place the condom, make sure that the condom is not twisted inside the vagina. Use sufficient lubricant in order that the condom remains in place during intercourse. The open end should remain on the outside of the vagina.

With female condom, there will be some protection to the genital area around the opening to the vagina during intercourse.

If the female condom loses its grip and slips during intercourse, or if it enters the vagina, then immediately you stop your sexual activity and remove the female condom out. Insert a new condom with extra lubricant to the opening of the sheath when having next intercourse.

Remember, the female condom can be inserted 8 hours before having sexual intercourse. But it should be detached immediately after your sexual intercourse.

Condom should be removed carefully. To remove the condom, twist the outer ring smoothly and then pull the condom out keeping the sperm inside. Now, enfold the condom in the package and throw it away.

Never throw the condom into the toilet. It is highly recommended not to reuse the female condom. Always make use of a new condom for every act of sexual intercourse. Today, female condoms are available in drugstores as well as in family planning clinics.

At first, you may feel unfamiliar with female condoms. Sometimes, you may find difficulty in inserting the condom. However, with a regular practice of using female condoms can make insertion even easier.