reproductive healthEither because you feel your biological clock ticking away or just because you feel the time is right, you could be thinking of having a baby.

And if it is a sperm bank you desire, it is not far to find – the controversial website offers memberships only to beautiful people, called has launched a Beautiful Baby service for those looking to have, what else – beautiful babies!

The virtual sperm and egg bank launched by the website continues to draw fire from critics and those who question the ethics and superficiality of looking for just looks because there are other more important and desirable traits to look for.

But there is the view that good looks do in fact give people some advantages in life, which mothers may want to pass on to their children.

So women may well think of using the services of this website for obtaining sperm from donors.

Incidentally the service is open to all those who want to use and avail of its services, there is no beauty criteria here – it is offered to non-beautiful people as well. Women can also use the site to bank their eggs to add to the “attractive gene pool”.