Before thinking about vaginismus treatment you should know that it refers to the involuntary tensing of the muscles of the vagina so that it is almost impossible not to experience some level of pain during intercourse. Nonetheless you should know that this is a problem that can be treated.

When it comes to the treatment of vaginismus, you should know usually by medication if there is a diagnosed physical cause for it, like an infection or an injury. Nonetheless if the cause isn’t that obvious you may have to be looking for some other treatment options.

Sex therapy as treatment of vaginismus

vaginismus-treatmentIf the cause of the problem isn’t found then your doctor could tell you about some techniques that could help you handle the problem. Most probably your doctor will advise you to see a sex health professional like a sex therapist or a psychosexual doctor. The specialists can teach you some techniques to control the muscles to have normal penetration.

Such therapies as vaginismus treatment are available as NHS and also privately. Besides the techniques that you can learn, the specialist can help you in other way as well, such as offering counseling to address the psychological issues that you may have.

Another thing that the specialist could do for you as treatment of vaginismus is offering cognitive behavioral therapy in case you have any incorrect or irrational thoughts regarding sex and if it is needed, also to teach you new pieces of information about sex.

The plan for the vaginismus treatment will be created according to your needs. The specialists help people take full control of their treatment and so you can be progressing at your pace. In case you have a partner, he could become a part of the process as well.

Vaginal trainers

One of the techniques used as treatment for vaginismus is to relax the muscles through these vaginal trainers. They actually refer to four cones in the shape of penises of various sizes and lengths that you can be using in the intimacy of your home.

Naturally in this case the vaginismus treatment starts with the smallest one, and you may also be using a lubricant if you need to. Once you get used to the smallest one and it feels comfortable, you could move on to the second largest and so on until you reach the fourth.

In case of the treatment for vaginismus it is important to develop at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about how long it takes. In some cases it is just days, while it takes months for other women to get used to them. When you get used to the larger cones without being afraid of pain, you can try having intercourse again with your partner.

In case you need vaginismus treatment you shouldn’t think that you need to use the cones in order to stretch the vagina. In this case women have a totally normal vagina. The point is for the vagina to get used to accept penetration without contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Touching and relaxation

The treatment for vaginismus using the cones isn’t suitable for everybody, and if you think that there must be another option for you then you should consider relaxation and exploration techniques. In order to relax and to get to know your body you could have a massage, bath or breathing exercises.

In case you see a specialist you may learn another kind of vaginismus treatment known as progressive relaxation. The main point of the technique is to tense and to relax the muscles of the body in a given order. Before inserting a finger or a cone into the vagina you could practice these relaxation techniques.

After you get to the point of being able to insert your finger due to the treatment for vaginismus, you could also try to insert a tampon. You may need to use lubricant. It is very important to make one step at a time. Make sure that you are ready for penetration before trying it, and also ensure that you are fully aroused.

When it comes to vaginismus treatment you should know that there are numerous different options that you have.