Are you really depressed because of your inability to deliver a baby? Then don’t become depressed about it! Certain recent studies are assertively finding out many solutions for treating all kinds of female infertility issues.

One of the most effective ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant is, to know more about vaginal progesterone and its influence on your reproductive system of your body.

How the progesterone levels vary in your body?

Progesterone is basically considered as pregnancy hormone in women. It can greatly help you in creating a healthy environment in your uterus or womb, where a fertilized egg actually implants and grow into a healthy infant.vaginal progesterone

Before ovulation, the progesterone levels in your body relatively tend to be very low. But once when you reach the luteal phase, the latter part of your regular menstrual cycle, the progesterone levels in your body gradually tends to increase. In fact, this part of your menstruation cycle begins with the production of progesterone hormone and usually ends either with your pregnancy or menstruation.

So, during your pregnancy, the progesterone plays a very crucial role in maintaining the lining of the uterus and as a result, it helps you in providing essential nutrients to support and nurture a fertilized egg.

How vaginal progesterone helps you in your infertility treatment?

Most of you who are actually undergoing an infertility treatment are recommended to increase the intake of progesterone. Taking appropriate amounts of progesterone is very essential for you, in order to prepare your uterus for better implantation and accordingly it will aid you in developing healthy fertilized egg.

So, vaginal progesterone is considered as an effective treatment in achieving better pregnancy outcomes. Vaginal progesterone significantly increases your chances of becoming pregnant by considerably increasing the level of progesterone in your body.

Vaginal progesterone is also very effective in treating premature menopause (early menopause)symptoms like stopping of periods.

Are there any side effects in using this vaginal progesterone?

Using vaginal progesterone, without seeking any medical advice, can lead you to many adverse health conditions. If your body immune system doesn’t support this particular progesterone supplement, then it potentially causes many allergic reactions in your body.

Some of the most common allergic conditions mainly include itching, swelling of your hands or face, tightness in chest or you can feel trouble in taking breath. Other than these specific allergic conditions, you can experience breast lumps, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and numbness and also changes in vision or even you can experience difficulty in speaking.

So, keeping all these undesirable health conditions in consideration, it is always recommended to take vaginal progesterone under proper medical attention.