In case you are faced with vaginismus, one of the treatment methods is to be using vaginal dilators. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use them in order to stretch the vagina, but to make sure that the vagina gets used to penetration and that the pelvic floor muscle won’t contract.

Dilators for the vagina

As it has been mentioned, using such tools is useful to avoid the involuntary contractions of the muscles, and so you can avoid burning, tightness and problems during intercourse. The dilators make it possible for women to have control over the speed, size and angle of penetration to trigger the reflex in conditions similar to sex.

In case women are using the dilators for the Cervix Dilation and the right exercises, continuously contracting a releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor, they can learn to control the involuntary contractions that cause tightness or the closure of the vagina, making sex impossible.

The main point of using vaginal dilators is to create new memories for the muscles. With the help of these instruments, women can control the tightness that they experience and they also desensitize the muscles, mind and body to the feeling that there is something in the vagina.

Through the use of the dilators for the vagina women can prepare for real penetration so this is a transition to get rid of the tightness and pain. Along with the right exercises you can gain control over the involuntary muscle contractions so that intercourse will become pain free.

Although vaginal dilators truly work you should know vaginal-dilatorsthat there is more to it than just using such tools. As it has been mentioned, you don’t just have to insert the dilators in order to stretch the vagina, but you have to focus on the muscles. Still a lot of women think that their vagina needs to be stretched.

You should know about dilators for the vagina that the women who are using them have normal vaginas, the only problem that they have is with the pelvic floor. Actually the name of the tool is misleading since a dilator truly refers to something that is meant to make another thing wider.

Other names used instead of vaginal dilators include vaginal spacers or trainers. There are some other tools as well that could be used instead of the dilators, but the majority of the women find it easier to perform the pelvic muscle exercises with their help.

Some of the women who have gone through pelvic surgery or hormone changes like menopause are using the dilators for the vagina for two purposes.

One of them is to stretch the tissues, and the other is to bring back the responses of the pelvic floor. These tools are the most efficient when they are used along with professional support.

How to use the vaginal dilators?

Usually women say that it is easier for them to use the tool in case they have a hot bath first. This is because the skin is softer. Try to insert the dilator while lying on the bed in a comfortable and relaxed position and have your knees bent. Others say that they prefer to use them just as if they were inserting a tampon.

In this case you should be standing, with one leg on a chair. A good idea regarding the dilators for the vagina is to apply some lubricant on the end of the tool to make sure that there will be no friction or unnecessary pain when inserting it. Once you have inserted the dilator, you should keep it in place for the time period indicated by the doctor.

When inserting the vaginal dilators you should be gentle, and insert it until it feels comfortable. Although you may have a snug feeling, there should be no pain associated with the activity. Remember that some of the conditions require other indications, and these are given by your doctor regarding the dilators for the vagina.

The truth is that using such tools isn’t something that women go around sharing with other people, but still it may be best to share your problems and concerns regarding vaginal dilators with someone who understands you, like a counselor or specialist.