There are so many types of contraceptive methods on the market in our days that making a decision could turn out to be quite overwhelming.

ou shouldn’t get confused; the advantage of this abundance is that you can be sure that you can find several methods that are right for you and your lifestyle.

Women’s barrier methods of contraception

These are the oldest methods of birth control. Even the women living in the Ancient Egypt used methods of this kind. Unlike the modern sponges and spermicides, those women were using honey and crocodile dung.

types-of-contraceptive-methodsThe modern contraceptive methods include the diaphragm and the smaller devices, like the cervical cap.

In order to be protected against the sexually transmitted diseases you should use a female condom.

This is suitable for the women who have several sexual partners and are at risks of contracting an STD.

Hormonal contraceptives

These types of contraceptive methods use artificial hormones. The oldest solution is the pill that includes oral contraceptives. Now there is also the mini-pill that doesn’t contain estrogen.

The same hormones are used in case of the hormone patch and the vaginal ring. Birth control shot is also available in your days.

Long term birth control

If you are looking for birth control methods of this kind, you should know that if you use them you don’t have any problems for a year. Usually the doctors recommend the IUDs.

Some of them can be used for 10 years, while others for only one year. If you are sure that you don’t want any more children, you could also have tubal litigation. Remember that this is a permanent solution.

Men’s types of contraceptive methods

If you are thinking about the reversible options, you should know that the condom is the only solution you have. These gained a lot of popularity because they are relatively cheap and they are easy to use.

They can be made of plastic, latex or natural animal tissues and their advantage is that they can prevent a pregnancy and also protect against STDs.

In case you are looking for more permanent birth control types, you should consider having a vasectomy if you are sure that you don’t want any more children. Although it is considered to be permanent, you should know that the procedure can be reversed, but it is quite difficult.

Natural methods

These types of contraceptive methods are also known as periodic abstinence. This means that women don’t have intercourse during their fertile window. In this case there is no need for devices or artificial drugs. There are several ways to find out more about your fertile window.

For instance in case of this method of birth control women could chart their basal body temperature and look for the signs of changes in the cervical mucus. It is best to track these changes with the help of a calendar to know in advance when you ovulate.

You can see that there are numerous different types of contraceptive methods and you just have to make your choice.