Any diseases or disorders which directly or indirectly affect the reproductive system of the males or the females are known as reproductive system diseases.  There are many types of reproductive system diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, chlamydia etc.

The reproductive systems of both males and females are open to many kinds of environmental influences and thus it is not difficult for them to be infected or affected by a disease or disorder.

symptoms of reproductive system diseases


Let’s take a look at the various types of reproductive system diseases together with their individual signs and symptoms:


This is a female reproductive system disease in which the endometrial tissue tends to colonize the abdominal or pelvic cavity this can lead to many kinds of problems.

Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Bleeding in the abdomen is one of the signs of this reproductive system disease.
  • Another symptom of endometriosis is extreme abdominal pain.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

This is another reproductive system disease which affects females. In this condition, bacteria make it way up to the vagina and causes inflammation of the abdominal cavity. One of the causes of this disease is gonorrheal infection.

Symptoms of PID

  • Excessive abdominal or pelvic pain is one of the signs of PID.
  • PID may also lead to infertility due to chronic inflammation of the uterine tubes.


This is a male reproductive system disease in which there is inflammation of the epididymitis which is a tube that lies on and around each testicle.

Symptoms of Epididymitis

  • One of the symptoms of this disease is blood in the semen.
  • Another symptom of this reproductive system disease is discomfort in the lower abdomen or pelvic region.
  • Another sign of epididymitis is fever, groin pain, pain during ejaculation and testicle pain.


This is a male reproductive system disease which does not let the body of the males to produce testosterone hormone. Testosterone is an important hormone and without it, a man is incapable of reproduction.

Symptoms of Hypogonadism

  • One of the most common symptoms of this disorder or disease of the reproductive system is absence of secondary sex characteristics.
  • Another sign of Hypogonadism is anemia and muscle wasting.
  • Those men who suffer from this disease also tend to have reduced bone mass or lesser bone mineral density.
  •  One may also find it difficult to attain orgasm if he is suffering from this reproductive system disease or disorder.