Menopause depicts the end of fertile phase of a woman’s life and is signaled by the termination of menstrual flow or ‘periods’. It involves gradual transition from ‘reproductive’ to ‘post-reproductive’ state and typically affects women within the age limit 35 to 59.

Your body’s rapidly fluctuating hormonal levels give rise to certain symptoms which can persist throughout this phase of menopausal transition. The common symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, irregular menstruation, loss of libido, mood swings and vaginal dryness.

However, not all symptoms are as obvious as they seem. Hence, you must also be observant towards unusual symptoms bothering you during this period.

abnormalities of menopause

Unusual Symptoms Sited During Menopausal Transition

Given below is a list of symptomatic peculiarities encountered during menopause:

Burning Sensation on Tongue

The sensation of burning typically accompanied by pain at the tip or back of tongue, on lips or in other areas of your mouth is an external manifestation of imbalanced hormonal levels before and during menopause.

Sensation of been Electrified

A sensation likened to getting an electric shock may occur in your head or in the layers of tissue beneath your skin. This atypical symptom may be triggered by rapidly altering hormonal levels affecting the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Itchy Skin Conditions

The itching sensation on your skin, similar to ants crawling on your skin, known as formication is one of the symptoms that you may experience during this period.


Sleeplessness is a significant symptom of menopausal transition. It is caused by a sudden drop in estrogen levels thus disrupting the functioning of temperature control in your brain. Insomnia may be accompanied by frequent hot flashes in the middle of the night.

Frequent Heart Palpitations

Hormonal imbalances can cause you to experience panic attacks. This includes sudden hyperventilation, breathlessness, numbness in your limbs and dizziness. The sensation may last for a few minutes and reoccur during this transitional phase.

Joint Pains and Lack of Flexibility

Be prepared for sudden stabbing pains in your elbow and knee joints, stiffness and inflammation around joints. These orthopedic adversities are direct results of depreciating estrogen level in blood.

Weak Memory

When you go through menopause you may encounter problem in retrieving stored information in your brain and remembering newly acquired ones. Forgetfulness is one of the symptoms you need to get accustomed to during this phase.

Sudden Disequilibrium

Alarming dizzy spells and sudden light-headedness followed by night sweats, hot flashes in your ear, and restlessness are certain symptomatic abnormalities encountered due to sudden drop in estrogen level of blood.


You may also experience, in some cases, ringing sensation, whooshing and buzzing noises, the cumulative effect of which is called tinnitus.

Menopause is a very delicate phase of female post reproductive life. The unusual symptoms of menopause have been discussed above so that you can brace yourself against the possibilities and be prepared for the worst. However, always remember to seek medical help if situations become too stressful.

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