Irregular menstrual cycle refers to a change in regular menstrual periods or menses.

Menses is a natural way of cleaning of the uterus and vagina of sperm and bacteria that are carried. A menstrual cycle is measured from the start of one menses to the start of another.

Mostly it ranges anywhere from 21 to 35 days. Every woman usually has a certain cycle length that is rather constant but sometimes varies 1-2 days per month.

Remember that the onset of menses for every 35 days (regularly) is not considered as an irregular menstrual cycle. However, irregular periods can be either of short-term or long-term irregularity.

Long-term irregularity can be anything from a cycle that changes in length from month to month to the experience of various abnormal symptoms such as heavy bleeding, no cycle for months for a period of time, very painful periods or ovulation.irregular menstrual cycle

Short-term irregularity can be due to any of the causes such as fatigue, stress, and over exercise which generally occurs infrequently. The irregular menstrual cycle has become the common problem among women today. It is found that one out of every five women suffers from this problem. There are several reasons for a menstrual cycle to become irregular.

Causes of Irregular Menstrual Cycle

The cause of irregular menstrual cycle is mostly related to stresses, tension, ingested medications and caffeine, a substance that disrupts corpus luteum function or even acts as anticoagulant blood thinners.

Remember that fluctuation in periods indicates the beginning of disturbance in the natural chain of hormonal events that manage menstruation.

Cigarette smoking is another reason for abnormal menstrual cycles because it shortens the follicular phase. It also shortens the luteal phase if smoking is heavy. However, extreme alcohol intake is also a reason for an irregular menstrual cycle.menstruation cycle

The other common responsible factors for the irregular menstrual cycle are:

significant weight gain or loss, over-exercise, breastfeeding, polycystic ovarian syndrome/estrogen dominance, poor nutrition, medications, chemotherapy eating disorders, hormonal imbalance, recent childbirth, miscarriage or uterine abnormalities (fibroids/cysts/polyps/endometriosis).

The occasionally skipped menses cycle is not the only symptom of this problem. However, continued abnormality in period is also an indication of irregular ovulation and irregular menstruation cycle. If you notice this problem, then right away consult your gynecologist for appropriate treatment.

Treatment for Irregular Periods

Your gynecologist will refer to your medical history and conduct a physical examination. As the irregular menstrual cycle is treated according to the cause, it is determined with a blood test, ultrasound, and biopsy.

Often hormonal imbalance will be the major cause for irregular periods, which can be treated with appropriate drugs or hormones. Surgical removal of polyps or fibroids may also be done if required.

Treatment for irregular periods is also based on your plan for children. If you decide to have the pregnancy, then a hormonal contraceptive or supplement will be prescribed to regulate your menstrual cycles.

Never get tense regarding slight change or variation in your regular menstrual period. More than 50 percent of healthy women have the problem of an Irregular menstrual cycle. However, consult your gynecologist if you are always with an abnormal menstrual cycle.

When a woman drinks too much alcohol to the point where, among other things, it messes with her other bodily functions, it might be time to check into an alcohol treatment facility to avoid further damage.

People who drink too much should consider seeking treatment at private alcohol rehabs before all that drinking takes a toll on their health.

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  1. Hi sheila,
    Not getting the periods is mainly related to various health problems. Particularly hormonal changes is the main reason for irregularity in the periods. Exposing to high stress levels is also the cause for missing the periods. It is better to have proper health check up. Consult your doctor to know the reason behind not getting the periods. She can suggest you the necessary treatment.

  2. Please help me.I have irregular periods.My periods,when takes place,lasts for more than 15 days.Then again it starts after 1-2 months later..

  3. Hi Asd,
    Your irregular periods can be due to hormonal changes. The hormonal changes takes place due to many reasons like stress, diet, pregnancy, exercise, menarche, menopause and hormonal birth control pills.
    If you are experiencing irregular periods with extreme cramping, heavy period bleeding, nausea, dizziness, or fainting from a year or so, you should visit a gynecologist.

  4. hi ,
    i am siri..i am suffering from irregular periods …it will come once in 2 months or some times more… i am married women …can i get pregnency with this problem

  5. i’m 16 yrs old and i have had a rapid weight loss of 10kg after travelling & stress caused due to studies. i usually have irregular periods & even used to before losing weight. at the start of this month i’ve been noticing frequent urination and experience pain below my navel. very less urine occurs everytime i urinate. why is this happening? is it something serious?

  6. Hi

    Its been 4 months i havent got my period .iam married and iam looking for children which is major problem now .plz canu advice any medicine to get immediately my periods , i’ve been taking progynova tab regularly.

  7. my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for six months and knowing that we havent been trying all that long i am still getting frustrated with my irregularity. my cycles have gone as follows:18, 42, 38, and now im on day 40 and havent had signs yet. took a test 3 days ago and it was negative. what should i do?

  8. want more details or information on regular menses r pregnency u can watch google site in that type menses r menstrual cycle.ok

  9. I have no idea when my period is ever coming. I’m anywhere from 45-69 days apart.
    I never get any tell tale signs its about to arrive such as cramps, breast tenderness, etc.

    I’ve never been to an ob either.

  10. I’ve always had this fear that I cant have kids. Feel like its true, never been pregant, i’m 26. And my periods are so irregular. Should I stop drinkin coffeee. Every 15- 24 days i get my period. What should I do?

  11. From the beginning i have irregular periods, now am 25 years old, unmarried. i am not able to loose my weight even on diet and exerises…. i dont have thyroid or pco’s but still my periods are irregular like 2-3 months late canu suggest me what should i do….

  12. i have irregular periods problem for past two will come once in two months or sometimes three months now i am going to be marie within one months….so please help me to get perods regularly and to get preganant also plsssssssssssss…………

  13. i’ve been irregular ever since, but my last period for this yr was last january 18, 2008 and for my last period is a lot .. like i need to wear a diaper for when i just change my napkin its really fool. until now i havent had any period im more than like a pregnant woman but of course im not im worried but im extremely afraid of going to an ob. Do you think there’s a problem with me? please help. thanks a lot

  14. my menstruation is regular untill last 6 weeks before. Now i am staying with boyfriend ..and i i’ve this time i am not having menses..its already 1 week delay..
    can you please tell any drugs as over the counter..!!!!?? please help me..

  15. my menstration is irregular since this yr start from january to august i hav eregular menstration then in te month of august i have already irregular its my 1st time to happen … i had observe since i had irregular menstration i have a lots of pimples and i have fluid discharge everyday im just worried but im planning to go for check up but not this time cause im always bus on my school i dont have tiem to go in hospital…

    pls help me thanks

  16. Hi, its been two months that I haven’t my periods and am forty one now. Is it the particular time for me to problem like this.Please give an advice

  17. After the Marriage i have irregular periods, now am 34 years old. i am not able to loose my weight even on diet and exerises…. i dont have thyroid or pco’s but still my periods are irregular like 6-8 months late canu suggest me what should i do….

  18. i am getting my periods every 2 months or 3 months it is also nor proper i dont know what to do and recently i got married after that for 1 month i dint get the periods. i gone for checkup everything is normal and they said some PCOD problem and small cysts in uterus. how to cure this PCOD problem. give me a solution.

  19. Hi I used to take dipo injection for more than 2 years. Now we are planning for baby and i stop taking it already, after 6weeks i had my first period and since than i am having iregular period, twice in a month. Does this iregular period will harm on my prenency.

  20. I am having irregular periods from the beginning.also i do have PCODs. I am married 2 yrs before. In the first yr i got concived. but at the end of 2nd month its aborted.
    as per my Dr’s advice i took TSH, TORCH ELISA, Blood sugar and chromosome test(me & my husband). But the test results were all normal. But still my periods are irregular. My Dr has given “duphastan” tablets. is it advicable to have it? Can i get conceived naturally or do i need a folicular study? ple help me..

  21. I’m 17 and my periods have been about 40-45 days apart. They only last about 3-5 days. I just need to know what is going on. I know it isn’t normal. My mom thinks it might be because I use tampons? And will this mean I will have problems with preganncy when I’m older?
    Thank you

  22. Hello… I’m 35, I already regular menses every 27 days… Then sudden have irregular menses after 13 days… I’m puzzled.. Is this normal?? Pls email me…

  23. please help me,
    I am Still a virgin, but I haven’t had my period in almost 10 months. the last time I had my period it lasted for 18 weeks.. Please help my situation. i really want to be able to have kids when i am ready.. please email me ASAP thank you

  24. Hi
    i am 25 years old.i am still a virgin but my periods have gone irregular from last 5 months,now my cycle has changed to 40-45 days.this months its 46th day and i still have not got periods.the symptoms are really bad.i feel like my body is very heavy,i get cramps.nausea and head ache.
    i took nerothisterone tablets prescribed by the doc after she carried out my thyroid test which resulted normal.but they are also

  25. they(nerothisterone) are also not showing any result.please suggest as what can i do in this situation as i am very tense?

  26. Iam 44 years married women with two children and ihad regular cycle since one month before . My last child birth is 9years and two months before i had sudden rise of blood pressure i.e. 130/100 mm of hg and treated in homeopathic medicine and then my mensuration cycle is not on time and post poned one month so please advice what i should have to do.

  27. I am 28year old married, I had miscarriage twice and it usually comes up after 3 month, i have done series of test the doctor told me that i am ok, but after the last miscarriage i had, i have not been having menstrual period as i use too, normally i am always on 4days in a month but now it comes just onces and half of the next day,have not been able to concieve again please help.

  28. I had my periods over on 1st january and suddenly I feel bleeding(kind of periods) today i.e., 5th January. Is it natural?

  29. hi iam bindu iam maried on august and daily v r having sex but till now i dint gt my pergnency neither my period from nov till jan what i sth eproblem can i know normally my periods r late thy wil b cming for 4mnth s like that

  30. My Cycle is usually every 24-25 days. As I am getting older, it seems to be getting irregular. This month it came a week early, and was on the light side. The problem is, that after 12 days, it is still coming [light to very light]
    My physicial recently upped my thyroid medication from a .5 dose to a .75 dose. I wonder if this could have anything to do with it.
    I was also very active at the time my cycle started up.

  31. Hi there
    I went to the doctor because of my irregular periods and he perscribed me alese birth control pills. I took the the birth control for about half a month in Oct Then i got my period I ended up bleeding until nov.10 it was so heavy and sore. So I went to the Hospital thank goodness they did not find anything wrong with me after all the xrays and blood test and ultra sounds they did. well it has been 69 days since I’ve gotten my period. My doctor perscribed me new birth control pills but I didnt start taking them. I had a baby 6 years ago and I ended up losing her she was born premature less then a pound, I had suffered from preeclampsia and was put on bed ridden half way through my pregnancy. Since then I have not yet seemed to get pregnant I was on the depo shot after i gave birth but only for the 3 months and i did not go back to redo it. then i took birth control one time before this perscription but only for a couple weeks and I stopped. I just dont understand why i can not get pregnant. Could you please help me.

  32. Please Help!
    I’ve been maintaining a heavy period for about 5-6 weeks now. I went to the doctor for it and she placed me on birth control pills and told me it is because I have a hormonal imbalance. I have been taking the pills for about 11 days now and my period is still going strong. I would like to know, how long will it take for the pill to my period gets back regular and have my period finally stop for this cycle?

  33. hiiii!!!!!!i am ferri.i am suffering with irregular period problems.when it started it was very painful.even since then i never had regular periods,i had it in every 5 to 6 months.i consulted a doctor he gave me medicines to start my face totally prone to pimples.i am loosing my confidence due to this.i have gone to many doctors and have taken many i have stopped taking medicines for period to occur, instead i am taking vitamin pills.since then i have not seen my periods,its about 6 months.i don’t know how to make my mensuration cycle regular naturally because i have lost faith in medicines and doctors.please HELP

  34. My sister is suffering from white discharge problem.The white discharge immediately starts after the period.I want to know why does it happen.What is the actual word for white discharge in english.Is it semen. please reply.thank u.

  35. Hi,
    I’m 25 years old and got married an year ago. Right from the beginning my periods are irregular. I had hormone regulated injection,ion tonics(DEXORANGE) which was prescribed by my doctor. But after 2 months again the same problem arises. Will it affect my pregnancy. Love to hear your Suggestions.

  36. i would like to know if there are any consequences for irregular menses. like, would people with irregular menses be able to give birth to normal kids? and, is there any other side effects?

  37. I have always had irregular menses. I am always late. I can be anywhere from 1 day to 3weeks late. But this month, I started 2 weeks early. I started on Day 17 of my cycle. I am waiting for the nurse (at my ob/gyn) to call me back so I can ask her but I was wondering if anyone could give me some kind of clue as to why this would be happeneing.

  38. hi im 18th years old and i am very irregular it alomost always take to months for my period to come and it usually last about 3 day and very little ..but im worry my lasy period was on october 15 and its february 15 and i havent gotten my period yet n ot pregnant because i went to the doctor and he did a preganacy test but he said nothing was wroing witrh me that iwas normal this was in january 12 it been amonth and i still dont have my period ..i would like to know if their is something wrong…i smoke and i had a miscarrige when i was 15 i would like to know if that can have and effect on my period

  39. i I have a very regular cycle every 27 days on the dot but, for about 4 years after my period should be over I still have a bloody discharge almost all the way up to ovulation. Then it stops for two weeks until menses. Have you ever heard of that happening? What does that usually mean?

  40. my menstruation is regular untill last 6 weeks before. Now i involved in romance with my boyfriend we did not do inter cource but I thinkg & i’ve conceived..becausei am not having menses..its already 10 days delay..
    can you please tell any drugs as over the counter..!!!!?? please help me..

  41. Lately i have been experiencing a change in my menstruation. I am taking Mercilon, and during menstruation i have found the blood is often more brown than red and it has reduced from 7 days to 5! I’m not sure if this is something to worry about. I have consulted a doctor but they believe the change in the colour may be due to a change in hormones. Please help!!

  42. i m 14. i started avin periods when i was 10. since start i av never had regular periods. its gettin worse. there is a 4-5 months gap. sometimess even 6 months!!!!!! wat should i do? i went to the doctor he gave me some medicine but it didnt work. ne suggestions?

  43. iam 21 female sufferring from irregular menses for 2 years i have been used primolut it was very useful but when i stopped it,menses return to abnormality now i use progyliton but i stopped it .what should i do???

  44. hi my name is maria and i am 27 ,i have this irregular mensural problem since it started i consulted lots ofdoctors but every thing is normal with my utreus and other parts ..then i got married have a daughter but after my daughter s birth i put on lot of weight and now its at least more than 15kgs then my noramal weight should be my last period was in the month of november 08 now till date no periods i am not pregnant …but since few days i started my gym classes to loos weight now from some days i can see some drops of blood or small clots really less not much but not actual periods that made me worried can u please mail me back and tell me whats wrong thanks

  45. Hi
    I’m 27 yrs old..not yet married..I’ve been having very irregular menses…I happened to have an abortion about 6 months back..after being pregnant just for a week i guess…but the doctor gave tabs presuming that i was one and a half month pregnant..I had heavy bleeding…after thati had menses only once….and thereafter no more of it..till now..and no signs at all…Please help me…Is it coz, i had a heavey doze for abortion ( to abort the supposedly one and half month pregnancy, where as i was only a week pregnant? confused and tensed I am also under medication for thyroid…..please help…Please help

  46. my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for six months and knowing that we havent been trying all that long i am still getting frustrated with my irregularity. my cycles have gone as follows:18, 42, 38, and now im on day 40 and havent had signs yet. took a test 3 days ago and it was negative. what should i do?

  47. i m suffering from irregular period it is since from almost 1 year and i usually take medicine for my periods the name of medicine is primolut-n . 2 months before i took the medicine and got the periods.And i had done the hormonal test it is normal and now recently i had join the gym to loose weight is there any sideeffect due to irregular periods and some time i get the feeling and i m unmarried is that any problem for this?? please help me i m very tense.

  48. I have been having two or more periods a month, painful, heavy bleeding, and head aches. I’ve been to the doctor, and i was told nothing was wrong, this is hard to beleive. I’m now having my second period in March, the bleeding has stopped, and I now have a light brown, slimey discharge and cramping. I’m going nuts and I need help, should I seek a second opinion?

  49. hai you know the day my menses started from that period i am suffering from irregular menses sometimes the duration is 3 months sometimes 6 months .I Consulted a doctor but it was ok for few months then again the same thing started. what shd i do?

  50. i get periods for 2-3 days then it stops and after 2 days i spot for a few days.kindly suggest what needs to be done.Iam 39years old and have 2 children.this irregularity started after my 2nd son who is 3 years old now.

  51. hello,

    this is bothering me a lot. I am having delayed periods for the first time since I have come to US. I checked the home pregnancy test that showed I am pregnant. i am a virgin.though I never had sexual intercourse in my life, I do have a boy freind and thus a bit of “fooling around” did take place.

    I went to the doctor for a check up where they did some ultrasound and urine test and they told me that I am NOT pregnant.

    Although they gave me strips to check for the pregnancy after two weeks, I want to take immediate steps.
    my questions are:–

    Is there a safe medicine for delayed periods?
    Why did the HPT raise “false alarm”?
    Can anyone get pregnant without intercourse?
    is it a possibility that the doctors were unable to detect pregnancy? probably because it is too early to detect pregnancy?
    could change in weather be a factor(a transition from india to US)?
    I am 22.


  53. Hi,
    I am 32 years old and a mother of 5 year old child. I have had very regular menstrual cycle of 28 days. Only last August (2008) and now (April 2009) it got delayed by one week. I am worried. Please advice on the reason treatment.
    I am suffering from Hypothyroidism (since 4 years) and RA (since 2 years) and am taking medication as per doctors’ advice. My Hb is low (10.5).

  54. hello, i have not had my periodfor over 2 onths now and i am not pregnant and i seem to be loosing a little weight, im not to sure whats goig on, whats wrong with me?x

  55. im 24yrs old and over the past 4 yrs ive gained over 40lbs i was alway skinny growing up…2yrs ago during my rapid increase in weight gaining i’ve realised that my period started becoming irregular…i started using contraceptives @ the age of 17 and ever since i came off them my period became irregular my doctor usually give me 2 pills 2 take and my period usually comes within 5-10days…but will i ever b able to have a child???????

  56. Hai plz help me.alwaz am geting irregular docter said me 2 do dieting coz some fat is stored.i use 2 take regesterone tablets when ever period is delayed.and periods lasts for a week when menses starts.and its true when i do dieting am geting regular periods.can u plz tel me wat should i do other than dieting.and plz tel me wat sort of problem am facing.plz

  57. usually my cycle and my friends’ cycles are very regular. for some reason, this month every one is late getting their period. including myself, i know of 6 people that have said their period was late a few weeks, but none of us are pregnant! i live in montreal, do you know what this is caused by?


  59. its been 15 days since I posted that comment of mine. I find it funny now since I have finally got my periods. probably because of heavy stress they were happened for the first time in my life so I stupidly went for an ultra sound costing me 75$.I mean how the hell can anyone get preganant without an intercourse.

    So i now wanna anounce the whole world that heavy petting (which I had) can never make any one pregnant whatsoever.

    thank you

  60. and that stupid Home pregnancy test raised a freakin false alarm. It says its 99% accurate. If I can be among the 1% of the women who dont find it accurate…so can you!

  61. i’m 19 years pld n last i have got periods on 19 ov march 2009 . and then after that i had continuesly sex with my fiance and and now my periods are missed from 19 march . from 38 days i did’nt get back my periods . is it mean i’pregnant? or its just stress?? or somthing else plz kindly help me…..

  62. plz help me out tell me any kind of medicene to get back my periods(menses).. last i have got periods on 19 march 2009 . after that i had continuesly sex with my fiacne n now my periods are misssing 4rm 39 days. plz help me out….em i pregnent??? or its just a stress or something else??/

  63. Hi, Maybe you can tell me whats going on with me.
    I am 30 and I have had my tubes tied now I have a very heavy period then the next month its normal. Now this goes on and on the same very very heavy then the next normal. I mean it is so Heavy I have to stay home in bed. I also noticed that when its the month that I have the heavy bleeding I have no cramping and the period lasts at the most 4 days. On the month I have normal bleeding I have the cramps and the period lasts like 7 days. Please do you have any idea of what is going on here?
    Thanks ,Jen

  64. i plz help me as i didnt get my periods 4rm 2 monts and got at 3rd month bt wit soo much pain in leg and pelvic pressure….plz elp me out

  65. hi…i had my last periods on 15th feb..after that i took regestron on 25march for 4 consecutive days,one pill each day…and noew with ultrasound i got 2 knw dat i hv a small cysy..plz help how to get rid of it? i hv gain weight and since january i hv experienced getting pimples b4 periods??help

  66. 39 years old,my cycle is merried for five years now.and i went to my gyne doctor.i did operation for doctor he told me the result of my operation is sucessful.but still my cycle is taking clomed,duphaston and me.i want to be pegnant.

  67. Well HI i’m Sincere and i’ve been having irregular peroids 4 about 6yrs. When i was taking birth control ,my periods flow popularly it lasted for 7 days every month now i’m 26 and ready to start a family and I stop taking birth control for about 6 months , my period hasn’t came on since i stop taking the birth control and i’m not getting pregant can u please help me I want a baby so bad………..Please respond ASAP Thanks SINCERE

  68. i also have this problem of irregular takes about 40 to 50 days for 1 cycle.n i’m 16 years mother told me to avoid spicy i gynecologist said that this is due to my weight.i’ve even lost alot of weight but still my periods are’nt regular. n please tell me that abnormal growth of hair on body parts(of girls usually on belly n chest) is it related with the irregular periods??

  69. n yeah i also have very horrible pimples on my face.n my complexion is very fair …due to which my pimples look more highlighted

  70. hi,
    I have always had irregular periods since day one..I was wondering why. I usually can go up to atleast two and a half months with no period. and when I have it it could last up to about three weeks.

  71. i had sex wid ma ex-bf a year ago….. and after tat ma periods became irregular it cums after a gap of 2 months or sum times more….. i had took medicenes for tat but its still d same……… so plz help me……

  72. i havent have my period every 3 months as of year 2008 and my last menstrual peroid was last february 8,2009, it is now june 7,2009 and still i havent got my period, i already cheked for a pregnancy test but its OB said last november 2008 that i may have polycystic ovarian sydrome,is it dangerous?i have taken pills for about 3 months just to make my period regular but it doesnt help.i am now suffering with weight it due to hormonal imbalance that my hypothalamus is well stimulated?

  73. hi,im 22yrs old i am married and had one miscarriage last march.had to get a D&C done then had a period for a couple of days.after that i didn’t have my period for three months.then finally got it and now it’s going on the eighth day of it,any suggestion?

  74. Hai
    i am 25 years old, un married, am having the irregular periods since it started, its takes 2-4 months gap, i was consulted with doctor, she told it is a hormonal imbalance, she suggested medicine, while i was taking medicine it was in regular, now i stoped medicine problem continues, whether it is a polycysts problem, in future any problem occur? mentally i was suffering lot because of this problem, kindly help me.

  75. hi,
    im 22 years old and married. my period was off for about 5 months. i took a medicine suggested by my doctor and it helped a little but not that much. what do i do if i want any children? i had this for a year, before i got married, one month after another. HELP what shall i do?

  76. 28 years old,my cycle is irregular from day merried for two years now.and i went to my gyne doctor.i did operation for laparoscopy for doctor he told me the result of my operation is sucessful.but still my cycle is irregular.i am taking homeopathy madicince after taking i will get period but from last 4 months i did not got period & this 10th i got it please help me.i want to be pegnant.

  77. hi,i am 17 years old i always have a regular periods but from december 2008 to febuary 2009 i have no periods.after febuary till may my cycle is regular,but i have no periods in june my date of periods is 17and my reports are normal my harmones are alsa balance please tell me the solution.i am unmarried.

  78. SUJATA

    From the beginning i have irregular periods, now am 18 years old, unmarried. but still my periods are irregular like 2-3-6, months late, i went to Doctor he suggested Prematurent-N ( TAB) if i taken this tablet the period will come for one or two month regular after that again it will behave its own style can u suggest me what should i do PLZ SUGGEST ME IN AYU SO THAT I CAN HAVE REGULAR PERIODS ….

  79. Hi,
    I am suffering from irregular menstral cycle , i had a child of 11 months old, my menses recycled at when my baby is 3 months old , first 2 months it was regular but after that i am facing heavy bleeding till now about 10-15 days , and recycled in 1520 days thats why am feared and became scared very much i need some help from u

  80. i made abortion on jan31 2009(nearly 4 months) after then i have three months of regular periods, but after then i got 45 days embryo and started bleeding irregularly. i consult doctor and they scanned me and told it may be of incomplete abortion and again they made D&c for me ,and now also i have 15days gap and got my periods,i dont know why it is ? plz tell me any sujjetion

  81. hi well i have very inregular menstrual cycle i go with out getting my period for 3-5 months and i am planning to have babys in a few years how do i know that i could have a baby

  82. I had irregular cycle. After consultation with the gynacologist & after blood test (Knocks test) with negative report for G-immunoglobulins. He prescribed anti TB drugs for 2 months. Am very confused. Please clearify.

  83. hi
    m havin a problem of irregular periods from past 2 years.
    ma periods are reduced to jst 2 days ,very painful.also i have a problem of delaying of date by 4 to 5 days every month,followed by lot of stress ,heavyness of legs and knees.pain in abdomen(both sides)before and after periods is experienced.i also feel very pain while intercourse.kindly help.m in need…………..

  84. i just turned 23 and i cant get my menstrual under control it wont go awayit lasted 2monthes non stop they put me on birthcotrol for 4 months but it still wont regulate how can i get it to stop and go back to normal

  85. I am curious. I have an irregular period. I’ve been in a sexual active boyfriend/girlfriend relationship for the past 6 months now. I’ve had a few instances where I was not on my period but after having sex it caused me to go on to my period. I wanted to know if that was a normal thing that occurs?

  86. hi
    i am swati jain. i am 25 years old i use to have my menses within 40 days but last time i had my mens on 13/05/09, and till date (16/07/09) it did not came . m not pregnant. can u suggest me a medicine that will help bring back my menses. please help.

  87. I’m 15 and suffering the same problem. I started when I was in my late 11’s. The last period I had was almost 2 months ago and I’m worried that there are some complications. I’m perhaps definite that I have never had any sexual intercourse. I do exercise half an hour regularly. Still, I do not know the cause regarding it..does anyone know any medications for this??

  88. i have problem in irregularity in menstrual cycle.sometimes it gets two times in one month.when one time it gets, days is fixed when it will stop.(approximately 15 days.)
    the ultrasound report is says swelling in the right ovary.
    i have taken medicine but no positive response with the medicine.what i do?please solve my age is 22 problem is still continue.

  89. I haven’t had my period in six months I am not pregnant and have severe pain in my lower adominal area. I am going to get an ultra sound done in a couple of weeks for that. Just yesterday I got my period it is heavy and the blood is bright red is this wrong? Not much clotting either. If you know anything about this please email me as I am worried….I am also very tired and in a lot of pain. Thanks to whoever can help.

  90. hey there i hav a gf her name is margaret.she is facing a prob of irregular menses.she didnt get it this month.plz can u suggest wht d prob must b.r prob is not yet solved

  91. hey i was on the injection for over a year therefor i was not getting my perooid howeer i have been off the injection now for 7 months and have still not got my period pls help could it be somethig serious i am definately not pregnant as i havent been sexually active since i stopped the contraceptives

  92. my age is 27.i got married before 11 months.i have the problem of ireregular mensuration cycle.some times mensuration will come after 45 days only.sometimes it gets two times in one month.what is the problem?i expect pregnancy in every month.but still now i am not pregnant.

  93. my age is 27.i got married before 11 months.i have the problem of ireregular mensuration cycle.some times mensuration will come after 45 days only.sometimes it gets two times in one month.what is the problem?i expect pregnancy in every month.but still now i am not pregnant.sometimes my left thigh is paining.what is the reason.pls give the suggestion hw to get pregnant

  94. i haven’t had my period in six months I am not pregnant i have problem in irregularity in menstrual cycle.sometimes it gets one times in two/three months from last one year but after taken medician, i have taken medicine but no positive response with the medicine with i joined yoga for this matter from last three months.what i do?please solve my age is 23 problem is still continue.If you know anything about this please email me as I am worried….Thanks to whoever can help.

  95. Hi,my problem seem to be a peculia one. First i ve bin having serious vigina and anus itching 4 ova 1year now. I ue gone 4 several test. My result read staph. I took to treatment afta sometime i went bak 4 test. It read candidaises. I ve bin taking treatment yet d itching continues wit atimes blister in both places.My mensural cycle change atime it wil flow 4 only two to three days. I saw it twice last month but it flow only 4 two days. Pls wat cld be d problem. Help me!! Im so worried.

  96. hi…………i m hvng lot of problem wt my irregular menses…….dis time i hd twice a month a duration of 12days……… last month it was fine…….last month even i hd a thoro checkup…… dre ws no severe symptons….i even had tablets like hormoni……….plz help me………..i get tensed for dis……..

  97. am a 25yr old female still unmarrid n am sufrring from irreular periods since when i got metured first time sum time it wil delay for 6 to 9 months and some time 3to 1 month i consulted so many gynecolgies and i got tired by takin to many meddicens and still problm continues plz any bady help to solve this problm and i came to no that because of this reson i wil b child less is it true

  98. hey i want to know why am i not getting my periods.. whenever i get them it is alws thru medicines suggested by a gynaec… what are the reasons and what can be done to solve this problem. how can i get my periodss regularly without taking any medication… i dnt get my periods on astretch of 2 -3 months.. pl reply and help me out to get out of this problem.. thanks

  99. hi this is sandeep here……….i m 24old merried…… merriage was in oct 2009.i have suffer wid irregular period.last time i got my period on june……. m taking gynaea said its all right………pls tell me how i get rid this problem..nd my doc said that swalling in my abdomen……nd m gain weight regularly…….pls tel me how tackl wid this problm…?

  100. i got my periods at 16 and from that time i have been suffering irregular periods i have also tested for ultrasound and my endometrium has thickened please help and sort my problem

  101. hi, my name is yana and i am 30 years old..i never have my periods in times it pains so much..but doesnt come out…sometimes no period in a month.i have gone for medical treatment for several times..but there’s no any problem..i am scard..pls help me.. tk care

  102. hi, i was having my regular period till may last.But now i am not having my period.It has been 2 and 1/2 months i’m not having period.
    I am tensed bcaz of this problem.
    Pl. help me….
    I need ur solutions as fast as possible.

  103. hi my g’fren has just missed her period 4 the first time its over 40 days now and she had her test 4 pregnancy but its showin not pregnant so in this matter can u suggest me what 2 do ur early attention would be appreciated thank u

  104. hey, i get my periods regularly each month, it usually lasts for 4-5dys. now, usually my cycle is btn 21-25 dys. is this normal?

  105. i am 23 years old i am married my periods has finished on 8th Aug 09. I have sexusal intercross with husbands on 19th Aug. and i have take i.pill and after two days my priods starts again on 21st Aug. please tell me what is the problem? and what is the solution? thank you .

  106. Hi.

    M 24yrs, this is for the first time, my periods gt it bcuz of illnes m hvng typhoid for 1 month..or smtng else cn be the reason……pls reply…thanks

  107. i am 36 years old unmarried periods been regular always.but from last three months its regular cycle is after every 26 days.but then it started coming on 31st day and then this time on 18th pls it normal or should i show to a doctor.

  108. hi, i m geetha 22, married at 2005, bfr i marry my menses was normal and after get married… so long i never get my period… my wt gain up to 40kg after my marrige, is that my wt and the menses are related? plz help me… i m still studying…. 10q

  109. Hi, I am a healthy but slightly overwieght 29 yr old, I have had 3 kids, all born by c-section. I had my tubes tied after the last child, which was 2 and half years ago. I am usually regular on my periods they are usually about 30 days apart and I normally bleed for 6 days, this time around I only bleed for 2 days and have had a brown-pinkish discharge when ever i go since than and that was 10 days ago. I have also been extremely tired, and as my husband would tell me crabby and emotional can any one help figure out what the problem may be, I called my doctor but I have to wait 6 weeks to visit with him meanwhile my mind is going crazy with all the ideas

  110. hai geetharao. this is manjula here.I had similar problem after i got married in 2006. post arriage i suffered irrgular cyles.often early or too late . ia was told by doc that i should reduce my weight and more over very strict with food habits. your case must be of harmonal variation or thyroid better consult gyno at the earliest

  111. Hello, I have irregular menses, last year i had once in three months or two, now is the longest, i missed my period since may. I am worried for my health.

  112. I’m 22 years old. I suffer with irregular periods. I got my periods at 14 and from that time I have been suffering from irregular periods and also I have hairs in my chin. Will I have trouble getting pregnant? Pls help me I’m very worried about it.

  113. Dear Sir/Madam,
    i have irregular menstruation cycle which is a week ealier than last month. I am married and have two childs. My youngest is 21 months and i have irregular menstruation cycle just this half year.
    When the menstruation is coming my vagina is ithcy and this month i felt dizzy one day before menstruation.
    Could you help me?

  114. hi!! i had sex wid my bf in june 09 wid precation aftewards i hav periods on 10th july 2009..and after june we dont hav sex till now..but i dont hav periods after 10th july 2009 till now..i hav done fingering many times..wht should be the reason for my irregular perios…M i pregnant now..

  115. I’m 22 years old. I suffer with irregular periods. I got my periods at 16 july last month and from that time I have been suffering from irregular periods and also I have hairs in my chin. Will I have trouble getting pregnant? Pls help me I’m very worried about it.

  116. hi i am 25, its been two months i am not having my periods,should i be worried?please advise as i am getting married soon

  117. i have the same problem i have one child already she is two in my eyes she was a surprise but i love her to death that pregnancy was hard i was stressed alot but now that im trying for my second child its harder and my period has become eregular where i also get it twice a month maybe not even a week in between and its really hard to look at the ovulation calanders too i just hope god blesses me with another child im 22 years old and hoping and praying .

  118. 21 and not married..i have been having this irregular menstrual thing since last year..ive been having period for a month now..i have not been experiencing any pain at all and im not obese,the last time i had sex was in june,wif precautions of course..but i did have sex wif my bf but we did it not regularly,like once in 6 months bcoz we hardly seen each other and my parents was disapproving our relationship..and that is why i kept this matter for so long now bcoz i dun have the gut to tell my mum tat i ever had sex wif my boyfriend.i dun dare to go to the gynae.pls help.

  119. Hi Sophie,

    As you are having period continuously from a month, there can be a problem inside. Without visiting a gynecologist, we cannot guess or identify the problem.

  120. Hi Jennifer,

    As your periods have been delayed two months, it is better to visit a gynecologist soon to identify if at all any problem is there.

  121. hi
    i m 24 year old ,last month my peroid not come, date of my period is 15aug. iso can u suggest me i m pragment,i m not married plz any solution for me.

  122. hi, i m 22 yrs old, i have not got my period from last 5 months, in middle i got chicken pox n i was on heavy medication, after that i had my periods after 4 5 months have passed i m not getting my periods, moreover i m putting on weight too, wats the problem as such, should i consult any gynac.pllez reply.thank u

  123. i am 21 years, i have been facing irregular periods for the last month, when i had it twice at an interval of 15 days. can u suggest any solution to this….or what this symptoms are.

  124. Hi
    i am a 33 old last month my peroid was on 2Augand in this month my it was 9 sep but in july i did not get it so i had gone to gaynec and she had given me table i got peroid.but it has come but it is in clotting fall pleas hepl

  125. Hi,
    I am 26 years old & i have not got my period since 3 months. i am in tense cause my marriage is there in 2010 and i done want to go 4 Medical treatement. plz suggest me some remedies to overcome from this

  126. hi.. i hve the regular period but the problem is that bleeding is not more than 2 to 3 days and quantity is also very less sometimes stomoch pain is also
    many of the doctors saya u have the insufficient hb and bcoz of this problem my obesity is increases first thighes and stomoch and now whole body
    and took sometime perid extending tablet overal l is it harmful for me plz do help

  127. hi disha,

    Get a home pregnancy kit and check whether you are pregnant or not. if you are pregnant, consult the gynecologist immediately as you can get it aborted up to 6 weeks(counting from the last period) with abortion pills. After six weeks, you have to go for surgical abortion.

  128. i have problem in irregularity in menstrual cycle.sometimes it gets two times in one month.when one time it gets, days is fixed when it will stop.(approximately 15 days.)

  129. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have irregular period for this month, it is due more than two weeks already. I would like to know that I am pregnant or not. Acctually I already done pregnant test by my self, but the result negative (Not pregnant). I am master student in Malaysia. I remember that I went back to my country to collect data about three weeks, during this time I stayed with my husband. My period for last month is between 31 July to 2 of August. The day (15/08/09) I traveled back to my country is the date that finished period within 2 weeks my regular period is 31 days.

    I hope you can answer my question

    Best regard,


  130. Hi! past 2 years i had of irregular periods , i went for chekup n doc said i sufferin from poly cystic synd. i have been taking metformin 500 since den n was gettin regular periods. its been a month since i left takin medicine but i got periods on tym , however flow is very scanty n its almost spotting. what shall i do?

  131. hi,
    I am 26 years old, and i am having irregular period for last one years, it take nearly a 3 months for my period. i have consult lost of doctor even homopathy but no sign of improvement.They gaved me tablets which after taking i get my periods but i didt’t went for sonography as i am scared of getting any diseases. Would you plz seggest me whether any serious disease can caused by irregular period. Awaiting for your reply

  132. hi,
    I am 26 years old, and i am having irregular period for many years, it take nearly a 2 months for my period. i have consult a gynac she gaved me tablets which after taking i get my periods in 5 days, but this time i was 2 months late and now its been 10 days since i took those tablets and i still have not got my periods. I’m married since 7 months having active sexual life and also conducted a home pregnancy test which was negative .Would you plz suggest me how to regulate my periods every month.Awaiting for your reply

  133. am 25 years married and am not having irrgular menstral problem i want to make babies what should i do something i comes and at times too 2 to 3 days. pls help me

  134. Hi,
    M 26 years married woman. I have irregular periods for last six months(after marriage). While consulting to gynac she gave me tablets which after taking i got periods in 10 days. Then i started control pills as suggested by my gynac and got periods at time but with very low bleeding (both time), [got bleeding only at the time when releasing urine, and some spots after releasing urine]. Now i stopped taking pills. Would you please suggest me to regulate my periods every month. Waiting for your reply, Thanks.

  135. hi, i am 20 years old. not married… my problem is- daily i am having periods… i am not having a particular date…i got menses when i was 12 yrs….. for 1 yr i was nt havng any problm… doctors r saying, its bcz of hormone imbalance… they r asking me to take medicin for exactly 6 mnths… but its sideeffect is that i will become a fat person… plzz can anyone suggest me a better treatment which is nt havng any side effects like this…

  136. Hi, i’m 18 yrs old and i recently had an unsafe inter course with my boyfriend and took contraceptive pills. and since the past 2-3 months i hve not had periods. and within the past 2-3 months i have had inter course twice and taken the pills always. I dont no what to do.. some1 pls suggest me sumthng


  138. Hi,
    M 30 years married woman. I have irregular periods for last six months. While consulting to gynac she gave me tablets which after taking i got periods in 10 days but with very low bleeding like black spotting [got bleeding only at the time when releasing urine, and some spots after releasing urine]. then two months after this i got my periods normal.Would you please suggest me to regulate my periods every month. Waiting for your reply, Thanks.

  139. Hi,am 26 year old.i havr irregular periods since it was started first.i had taken advice from Dr.,but she adviced me to take medicine everymonth to make the periods regular..I am doing it from the last 6-7 years..but still the periods are not regular.iF i wont take medicine periods wont come…i also hav some hairs on my breast…please suggest what i can do

  140. Hi i am 23 Years old i got menses when i was 15 yrs that time itself i am facing problem. i have irrugular period like 3 months once or 4 months once, so what is the reason behind in this can u suggest pls

  141. hi,
    i’m 17 years old facing a problem of
    my period came one month very less and another month normal
    tis have been the same problem for few month already
    what should i do? and what is the cause?
    hope to hear from u soon….thanks

  142. hi im 19 years old i started my period when i was 9 and when i turned 15 my periods became irregular sometimes i dont get it for like three months and sometimes i get them every month.. i want to become pregnant but i dont know when im ovulating so can someone plz help me regulate my period! plz! than

  143. my actual date in september month was 20th n i havnt get my periods till now. pls suggest me! should i consult a doctor?

  144. Dear Madam,
    I am 28, I am suffering from irregular periods for a long time. I have 2 kids and under gone a family planning operation. Please suggest me to have period as soon as possible with some medicions. LMP 24/09/2009. In middle I have used Premolet tablets to skip the period for 3 days. I have used the tablets from 24/10/2009 to 27/10/2009, till now I didnot get the period,due to some reasons I want to get the period with in a day. Please suggest me the better medicine with out side effects.

  145. I’m 27years old. I suffer with irregular periods. I got my periods at 6 aug. I had suffering from irregular periods when it start12 year’sold. Will I have trouble getting pregnant? Pls help me I’m very worried about it.

  146. i am 23,married woman.i’m suffering from irregular peroids like 2-3 mnths..last time i got periods on 17th of augast.until 29th october i didn’t got doc suggested me to take the tablet sysron-N/orgamed..i got periods on 7th of november..whats the reason for this?

  147. Hi,I am 22 years old.I want to have my period before 4-5 days on the date of period .So what medicines should I take which should be safe and without any side-effects.Plz pescribe any medicine for this.

  148. I am 21 years old and married.Once I had taken a contraceptive pill after intercourse.Is there any problem in future like after 2-3 years when I would be pregnent.

  149. hi,

    i m 30year old. we are planning for kid, from last five years, in this time i consult 3-4 lady doctors, but theres no result, lots of money i spend on treatment, but know from last 2years my m cycle doesn’t come without taking pills.what will i do plz suggest me

  150. jerrywilliams,am a woman of 25 i got married on 2007 i have had my first isusse a baby girl but since eary this year i have been trying to get pregnant but no way pls advice me on what to do is always giving me concern, i will wait 4 your reply pls its urgent.ttank u and God bless u.

  151. hello mam,
    i just wana know that before 2 to 4 days of periods do we acquire weight around tumy n breast.
    coz before my period usuallly starts i feel i m putting some weight around breast n tumy ..ans as soon as periods are over i feel same light n slim … is it a problem or it is normal…….

  152. deepali

    hi i am 28 years old
    my problem is that my periods follow is very low just use two pads. i think this is not sufficient. please give me advice.

  153. hi
    m a 23 year old
    my problem is that
    my p dsnt cum on
    evry 2-3 months
    wat cud be the problem
    with me
    m scared i mite be infertile in future
    …really nid yo help… plzzzzzzz….

  154. I haven’t had my period for more than a year. I’m 24 years old and started having my period when I was 12. However, this irregularaty started when I was 16. In addition, I try to get pregnant but have faced no luck.

    Please advise….

  155. hi,its been 45 days that i havent got my dates…
    my regular date is 10th of every month but its 26th now n havent got it…

    plz suggest some suitable medicine…n this is for the 1st time its happening…

    plz reply asap..

  156. hi i am 23 yr old and i had a 1 and half months past for my periods and i had a sex with my boyfriend 3 weeks before but it was a safe sex but it would be the reasons for that or i may seen to be get pregnant and i dnt want to be pregnant plsss help me

  157. Hi, i’m 24 yrs old and i recently had an unsafe inter course with my boyfriend and took contraceptive pills. and at the time of my period i have use some medicine to stop that bcoz some reason and since the past 2 months i hve not had periods. and within the past 1-2 months i have had inter course,I dont no what to do.. pls suggest me sumthng

  158. hi i am 20 years old
    my problem is that my periods follow is very low just use one or two pads.please give me advice.

  159. I am 20 yrs old. I have been suffering from irregular periods since I was 11 yrs old. But last time I had my period about 45 days before. I have not having my period this month. I am really tensed about this fact. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Is there any connection? Will there be any problem in the time of my pregnancy? Please help me.
    Reply me at…i m waiting…

  160. hello! i’m rica, turning 19 this december and still a virgin. i have a problem on my menstruation but i haven’t been on a gynecologist yet. i have an irregular period since when i got started having it. please give me some advice. thank you!

  161. i am 27yrs old women, married for last 3years. till now i did not get pregancy. my period get late for 3days. if my period date is on 28days and i get period after 3 or 7 days. is there any problem because of this to conviece the pregancy. please help me.

  162. hi, am 24, recenyly married,i have irregula periods last four months(after marriage).while consulting a gync,she told me to loss weight,i am not pregnent,not giving any medicines,now am 60kg height 151 cmtrs. wt s my pblm. pls tell me.

  163. hi
    m 17 year old
    my problem is that
    my p dsnt cum on 4 months.i attended my age in 13
    wat cud be the problem with me
    m scared i mite be infertile in future
    …really nid yo help…plz
    i m feeing vry tired nd uncmfrtable fr 4 mnths

  164. im 30 myrs old women having 3 yrs old baby we are trying for second baby…i always have my periods befor 5 days from exect date….wants to know my ovulation chart?…and is im having reguler periods? when should i try for baby boy?

  165. hi, i m mahi,19 0f age and still a virgin. i have a problem on my menstruation but when ever i have been to a gynecologist,they give me hormones related medicines to start my mensus & becoze of that i m feeling too uneasy. i have an irregular period since when i got started having it. last time i got periods 4 moths ago. please give me some advice. thank you!

  166. Myself sagarika parida.i am 27 years old woman.i have already married 6 months.i have got period in october 6.but since after 2 1/2 months i have not got period.i have already testing pregnancy but pregnancy will not come.for period i eat some medicine.but still i have not got period.what is the problem please help me by my mail.

  167. i m nishi
    i am 18 years old
    m very tensed now-s-days on july i had a unsafe sex with my boyfriend and i took i-pills within 5 days i got periods but now as its jan i didnt had periods from last one month

    i m wooried that i m pregnant will check that i m pregnant or not with the strips today

    i m really very tensed plzzz suggest me anything as soon as possible.


  168. i dont get period where my date is over i have sex with my hasband but i dont want to get pergnent i take period pills also but it not works what should i do plz suggest any suggestion from which i get periods

  169. I started my period at age 11 ever since i had irregular med i have seen 4 different gyno they all gave me med that don’t work I’m 24 have no kids and really want to start my family. what should i do

  170. hi,

    i am 29 yers old, i have one child of age 3 and 1/2 years.
    from last 6 months i have the problem of irregular periods.

  171. i am 29 yers old, i have one child of age 3 and 1/2 years.
    from last 6 months i have the problem of irregular periods.
    i consult with my dr. she gave me some tablets before 1 week i have completed my course but still i dont got periods. i had 3 times pregenency tests, but all tests are negative. my last m p was 16/11/2009 and today is 3/1/2010. but still i dont got period. so please madam tell me what is the problem.

  172. I am 24 years old.recently i had an aborstion.After abortion there pain on my left side of my stomach.After abortion my menstural cycle is normal as it was before.With pain I am having little fever and feeling very sick.Please let me know what are the causes for stomach pain.

  173. hi
    m a 19 year old
    my problem is that
    my periods doesn’t come on
    every 3-4 months
    what could be the problem
    with me
    i am scared i might be infertile in future please help

  174. Hi,
    I’m 39 years old. I have had a continous cycle since August ’09. I have seen my doctor and he has tried strengthing my BC pill. Didn’t work. I stopped taking the pills then I had a normal period and stopped for 2 weeks then the bleeding started again. I do have two fibroids but they are small. The bleeding is not heavy and there is no pain. I am seeing small to medium clots as I change tampons. In month I go through about 2 boxes of tampons 36ct.

    I’m tired of bleeding. I have no sex life because of the bleeding. And my friend is getting a little frustrated. We haven’t had sex in over 6 months. The 2 weeks I didn’t bleed he was out of town.

    What do you suggest?

  175. hi i am shikha my actual mc date 10 dec.but it is not coming right time or i am not pregnant after m c period

  176. i have problem of irregular mens cycle. it will not happens once also if i cannot take tablets. i am married before 4 yrs and i done iui and ivf for a child. but no happening. what to do. plz suggest me how to get regular periods

  177. Hi,
    M 23 years unmarried woman. I have irregular periods for last six months. While consulting to gynac she gave me tablets which after taking i got periods in 10 days. Then i started control pills as suggested by my gynac and got periods at time but with very low bleeding (both time), [got bleeding only at the time when releasing urine, and some spots after releasing urine]. Now i stopped taking pills. Would you please suggest me to regulate my periods every month. Waiting for your reply, Thanks.

  178. hi m neha
    m havin irregural mens prob i dint get peroid frm 6 months n whenever i get period it waz jst spots bt early it waz gud i consult to gync she told me 2 take medicine bt it waz havin side effects like fats n m now 19 so plz suggest me

  179. hi, i’m 22 yrs old. i hve my period at regular interval. last month period started on 14 on 15 i had sex.. till 2day my period has not been started… i realy scare plz tel me sum medicine so that my period shud start.ASAP

  180. hi, am 21yrs old not married.I had my last period on nov 9.
    its a long time for next period more than 2 please can anyone tell me a solution for my problem instantly plz……plzzzzzzz

  181. Hi,
    i am 14 years old and got my first period when i was 13. I had it for about a week and then it didnt come back for 3 months, ever since then ive been on my period. That was 5 months ago and im still currently on it. Im sick of this and just want it to be regular. Can somebody help??!!

  182. Hi,am 27 year old. i have irregular periods. i had taken advice from Dr., but she adviced me to take medicine three month tablets to make the periods regular. I am doing it from the last 2 years. But still the periods are not regular. If i wont take medicine periods wont come… i also hav some hairs on my breast… please suggest what i can do

  183. Hi my name is Chani and I am 16 years old. I started getting my period when I was 11. It’s been fine up until now. I was recently put on Birth control (Dep Evira) but i was not able able to make the appointments to continue it. I got My period Dec. 20th it ended dec 25th, then it started again on January 5th to January 9th. And I am recently as of January 17th Back on my period… Why is this?

  184. Hi my name is prachi and I am 15 yr old.I started getting my period when I was 13.After 2 year again i strted getting my period on 17th of december.I got my period only twice.Till the date i never get my period.Please tell me any solution.

  185. Myself priya.i am 22 years old woman.i have already married 5 months.i have got period in dec.but since after 1 1/2 months i have not got period.i have already testing pregnancy but pregnancy will not come.what is the problem please help me by my mail.

  186. I am suffering from irregular menstruration since 3 to 4 years causing which I am obese. My age is 25 years .
    Please suggest remedeies for the same


  187. hi,i’m monica, i’m 21 year old.married 2 months back.i got my first periods when i was 13 yr old from that day til now i’m suffering from irregular menstrual cycle, there wil be a gap of 6 to 7 months some times, after that big gap if i get the periods it will be hectic. i have consulted with the doctor taken ultrasound,drugs etc but the reports where positive
    what is the actuall problem with me, is there a better chance of pregnecy…?plz help me with a suggestion mail…

  188. Hi Navi as you are suffering by irregular MC, there are certain causes as mentioned below.
    1. might be fluctuate due to over or less weight as it depends on the age and your height.
    2. could be a problem of medication or sexual habits (for those who all are engaged in sexual habits with their respective partners)
    3. could be a concern of structure of your overy (it also a big factor of hormonal disorder or infertility)
    4. regular intercourse is also a big factor of irregular MC’s. Due to a big number of estrogen creates irregular MC’s.
    5.last not the least mental stress is the big factor which creates irregular MC’s.

    Solution:- 1. keep your mind stress free and keep your body neat and clean,
    2. Don’t go for long exercises
    3. take your food on regularly on time to time (over colorizes could be a big concern so please avoid it,
    4. Be regular in your life and keep your body weight always as per your height and your age.
    5. Yoga would be a perfect solution for everything in life but have to go with positive attitude.
    6. keep your body chemistry as per your desire (means don’t get much excited in terms of opposite sex, it will be only maintained if someone has appropriate mental level and positive attitude towards it)


    Hope everything would be fine….

  189. i am suffering from the irreglar periods from last 8 years,due to this i am also suffering from acne problem,in my sonography report it shows the problem of bi literal pc od,i have consult many doctors but only for the time period i take the tablets the problem seems to be in control but as i stop to take the tablets both acne as well as iregular period problem start.
    kindly suggest

  190. Hi,am 23 year old. i have irregular periods.i have already married 9 months. i had taken advice from Dr., but she adviced me to take medicine three month tablets to make the periods regular. I am doing it from the last 4 months. But still the periods are not regular. it will coming 2-3 months time for each periods. If i wont take medicine periods wont come… can u please help me by my mail…..

  191. hi doctor,my age is 20,married from 3 years.i started getting menses when my age is 11 but my menses are not regular ever.i want to be pregnent,but due to irregular cycle i could not conceive.plz help me by my gave me progyluton , primolute N , & many other medicines.but still i dont get menses and not conceive pregnency.what should i do?

  192. hi i am 23 years old i am having a over bleeding for past 3 months which will stand upto 20 days my doctor is prescribing me to use tablet to arrest bleeding every time. i am worried about my future that whether this will affect my future plz reply

  193. Hi, I am 25 year old and working in night shifts… I am suffering from inrregular period. I taking a medicine to have the periods on time… If I wont take it, it would not come. I am 5ft and my weight in abnormally high. Its 91 KG. I have been working in the night shift from last 2 and half years. I have gone through certain check ups and have seen some doctors as well.. They asked me reduce weight, I tried but could not. Please suggest me some more good gynos in Delhi… Thanks in advance.

  194. Hi,
    I am 25 and have never had a regular cycle. I only get my period 3-4 times a year, and now it’s lasting for up to two weeks. I am terrified of doctors, but I know I am long over due for some help. Is there anything you can suggest that may help me avoid the white coats? 🙂

    Thank you!

  195. hi manu here,
    my periods are irrregular lasting for 45 days i got my test done i have pos due to which i am not ovulating i am trying for a baby suggest me some good medicine

  196. Age:26, Children:0, Cause:Thyroid, Treatment:Stimulation Drugs, Response:Partial,
    Issue:i had missed abortion 7 months back before my last pregnancy i had poly cyst ovaries and my prolacting level was high my doctor treated me for both after which i conceived but unfortunately i had a miscarriage because my toxo was high .afterwards rovamycin was given to me for 3 months after which my periods became irregular which were earlier also irregular .now again when i am trying i still have poly cyst overies because of which my eggs are not growing properly. my throid is normal
    Specific Question:i want to conceive

  197. This is to Erin:
    When I was younger and first got my period, I had it continuously until the end of high school. My doctor told me that some women are simply irregular. I had everything checked and I had no problems so the doctor put my on birth control and throughout college I’ve taken it to regulate my period. Good luck.

  198. my name is sana i am 29 years old i got my first menses in 1994,i have a prob in my menses,in these 15 years i have only 2 to 3 times havey menses,plz tel me wat should i do to regular my menses i m worriod b coz next month im going to marrid plz give me gud solotion i will b very thank ful to u..

  199. Good Afternoon. I am 18 years old and first began my menstrual cycle when I was around 16. It’s been pretty irregular since then. I get it one month, but seem to skip at least 2 months in between. I am not sexually active, so there is no possibility of pregnancy. Is there any sort of hormonal supplement that I can take to help regulate my cycle, such as progesterone enhancers. Do you know anything about the progesterone enhancer known as Vitex? Thanks for answering my questions! I visit the pediatrician annually and am about to be referred to an OB/GYN. I am slightly worried about my health here.

  200. i have irregular menses.i gone through tests. i shows high prolactin levels. i take medicine for one month. it come down to 14(normal). i take medicine for 2 months more and it shows normal prolactin level. i stopped medicine after one year same thing happened.this time i tke ayurvedic medicine for 4 months. again regular menses for 3-4 months. now again high prolactin level. now i take 1 tablet of primolut-n one week before my menses date and got menses on the 5th or 6th day of medicine. now i m getting married. i m worried about my future should i be able to get pregnant with my irregular preiods.

  201. I m 27 years old,married before 1year.i got my first period at the age of 12.initially my perids were absolutely regular.after 8-9 years i started getting irregular periods,two months,three months delay.slowly the time got increase. now i dont get periods.i consulted Dr.she toid me for some ultrasound report is normal,but i got thyroid. i started taking medecine for thyroid. after that it got normal.But my periods problem is same.for last 4 months i m taking some Aayurvedic medicines,but i didn’t get the periods. i want to concieve.My question is wheather i will be able to concieve or not? plz reply…

  202. Meenu, the periods will be delayed or become irregular with thyroid disorders. Once again you check if the thyroid problem is still there or not. Check your weight also, as overweight problems can also cause irregular periods.

  203. Hi,thanks for the reply. i m about 5 feet.and my weight is 53 kg.i recently cheaked my thyroid(TSH),its 2.25 .Report says its normal(i m taking 25 mcg thyroxine sodium tablets).Should i go through some more tests. if yes,plz specify.can u suggest me any good gynecologist. i reside in rohini,delhi.waiting for the reply…

  204. hai i m 22 years old,unmarried….. i got ma last periods on november 7th 2009 but still i dint get that again. i went to doctor she ask me to take scan and harmonal check up. wanna to know about that. could u help me plzzzzz………………..

  205. Hi, my name is Lindsey. I am 15 and have had my period since I was 11. The problem is, my period seems to be late. It usually arrives at the end of the month, but it’s now the beginning of February and I still haven’t gotten it. I have been drinking a bit more coffee than usual, and I have a tiny bit of weight (like from being 95 pounds going down to 92 pounds.) I’m not sure if those factors are what have caused the problem, but I am still worried anyway. Please help. I would appreciate it very much.

  206. hey shruti
    i am also 22 years old…and have had abnormal periods all my life…i finally made an appt with the gyno for wednesday…cuz i usually get mine like every other month…but im on my third month with no period so now im a little worried…i just had a pap and annual exam like a month ago and everything came back fine…so i duno wut it is…when i was on birth control it was regular but ever since ive been seeing those yaz commercials about things going rong with birth control, i stopped taking them. (its been about a year and a half since i been on birth control) so i think im gona go back on it
    just wanted u to no ur not the only one…

  207. Since from last 6 months i am suffering from irregular period. That is i didn’t get my periods from last 6 months.

  208. hi i am 14 yrs old.I got my last menstural flow on 17 nov. 2009 but still i did not get that again could you plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  209. Hi,

    i have been suffering from irregular menstrual cycle since 2005, I am married for past seven months after marriage it got regular but again i’m suffering from same since last month after 1 year of marriage i want to conceive . Myu age is 26 & weight 77. Please suggest me so that i can conceive. is it a major problem? i always remain in stress because of it. please help.

  210. Hi My name is Smriti
    I am suffering from irregular menstrul problem
    it was in 2002 when my irregular mensus has started
    my hemoglobin dropped at 3.8, and due to which i had undergone blood transfusion, with 3 packed cells,
    after that it was not regular but can say that it had stabilized
    now from nov 09, my mensus has started and still there
    my weight is 74 kg and my height is 5.1 feet
    please suggest some effective ayurvedic medicines
    because i don’t want allopathy medicines…
    Regards Smriti

  211. I am 27 yrs, unmarried. I am facing problems with my periods. in sept i got down twice the same month.then nothing happened in Oct. got it checked, took Tab modus for 3-4 days got down again. but now again same problem persists..i have been detected of prolactin which 34..but as i am unmarried, why is the prolactin level high in me???
    can it be related to stress and tension???

    please reply

  212. Hi, Im Swarnika 20 yrs old unmarried. my periods r cming with in an intrvals of 2-3 mnths. Im seriously worried about me. Can any1 tell me.. wat i shud do? bcz wid in 1yr,
    i’ll b getting married. plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz any1 advice me wat 2 do. bcz my parnts r nt listning me, n dey want me 2 marry.

  213. Swarnika, irregular periods can be due to excess weight loss or gain, eating disorders, increased exercise, emotional stress, illnesses, birth control pills, hormone problems or problems with pelvic organs. If you have skipped period once, then there is no need to worry. Restoring your life to emotional and physical balance can help. If you are facing the problems from a long time, then it is better to consult the doctor.

  214. Am 46yrs and saw my menses last on 22nd Dec 2009. I want to get pregnant and also am married to a 66yrs diabetic man.We v had sexual intercourse severally and he releases sperm. Pls help and advice me.

  215. Im 16-nearly 17…i started my period when i was 14.Ever since i started my period,they have always been irregular.I have anything upto a 4 month break during each period…does this mean i am infertile?

  216. Hi,

    I am a married guy and my wife have irregular period after marriage. She gets here MC only after medication. We did a sonography test for her follicle size and its size is 6.44. We have consulted a doctor and he has given some medication, will she able to get pregnant soon.

    Please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance

  217. i m 18 years ,unmarried .and i have a problem due to irregular periods for the past three months so then went to doctor ,she gave some medicines for 1 month.aftr using it for 5 days periods came 4 me.then she told me to come after the dates of the period is over ,then i went,she checked me and said that i have to inject twice in a week (8 injections) to reduce bulginess.
    is it good for me to inject the medicine?or it will it make big matters in futur? please suggest me immediately.

  218. Hi i had my first and only period when i was 12 and i have not had one until i went to the doctor and they said that i have multiple cycst on my ovaries they put me on birth control andi had a period…but in order for me to have a cycle i have to stay on the do i get off the pill and and still have a cycle cause i know that in order for u to have children u have to have a period and if i am off the pill and no cycle how can i get pregant…?

  219. HI

    I am Rahul …..I m planning to marry my gf ….but recently i come to knw abt her irregular periods…..tht her periods continue for a month and sumtimes she doesnt get it for two months….i want to knw …would she be able to give a birth to a birth to a baby or nt..wht are the chances…is thr any treatment for that

  220. i took i Pills last month….since then for every 15-20day i am getting pain and mensus (periods)…..duration of periods will be 3-4days only…. this is 2nd time frequent mensus as come…. shall i have to consult doctor immediately….

  221. this is deepti,
    hi,i am worried about my monhtly period it was not coming properly ,but 8 months back i loss my pregnancy also because of baby growth ,after that my periods was irregular what can i do pls tell me
    waiting for u r reply

  222. HEllo

    I am just 21 years i am married since alomost 1 and a half years, and since my first mense when i was 12 years i was having irregular menses…this time i have my last mense on 30 december last years and today is 7 March 2010 i am stil awaiting same. After my wedding i was having same problem and i visited a gyne but in vain. sometime i get it afetr 3 or 4 months. help me if possible. No mnedcine can help me to be regular. thnks

  223. i m 20 yrs old…i ve got periods since last 6 yrs n m suffering frm irregular periods since then i get periods within 2-3 weight is 80 n my height is 4.8 feet.plzz help me out……

  224. I am 30 years old woman.I have been separated with my huband 9 month back.I am suffering from irregular period this month only I have across 10 days from my particular Date 4th but its 13th.Please tell some solution to over come with.I will be thankful to you.Poonam

  225. Hi doctor,
    Iam 27 years old and married for 6 years. I have 2 children, 5 and 3 ages. Since my first period my cycle has been always irregular. After my second child i was on the contraceptive pills (prescribed by a doctor for both birth control and regulating periods) for nearly 7 months. but when I felt some lower abdominal pain occassionly I stopped the pills in November. After that I hap my periods on December 9th naturally. But since then I haven’t had my periods. What treatment should I go for? should I start the contraceptive pills again? Will that regulate my periods? I am not planning to have children for another 1 or 2 years.

    Please reply


  226. i am age is 25..i got my 1st periods at the age of 17..since than i am experiencing irregular periods problem..i had done several tasts like sonography, hormonal checkup, thairoid test etc..i found some hormonal imbalance but my gynec said its normal and prescribed me a birth control now i am not taking it and i have started this problem again.its like i have to take those pills to make my periods there a simple sloution to get regular periods without taking any drugs..????

  227. im 14 yrs 11 months old,im suffering 4m irregular periods since it was first time started.i experienced it 1st time when i was 13 yrs old in tha month of august , se meri date kabhi same nahin thi.currently,abhi tak nahin ruka hai,today is my 11th day,it was started 5 days before my date,it usually stops on 7th very worried,pls help me out and tell me can i take some tonic 4 balancing menstrual cycle?

  228. Hello, My name is Heather I am 22 just recently had a miscarriage on the 11th of feb. 2010… Today march 15th I started my period, My problem is I cant figure out my length of menstrual cycle because my last period before today was jan. 1st 2010. Will someone help me figure out my length of menstrual cycle? TTC(trying to Concieve)

  229. Hello,

    I am 21 years old. I had my first period at the age of 12. I have always been regular with my menses. It has always been 28 days right on the clock. Even after I had my son in November 2008, my period was back on track two months later. However, on November 18, 200(9), my doctor told me I had a miscarriage. Apparenty I was somewhere along the line of maybe 6 weeks. My due date would have been July 20 this year. Ever since November, my periods have been irregular. We are trying to concieve again, but every time I take a pregnancy test, it comes out negative. Last month I was two weeks late. This month so far I’m five days late. My labs have all come back normal and I’ve been eating regularly, exercising regularly, and I haven’t been under much stress or fatigued at all. My doctor is so convinced nothing is wrong, but something obviously is and he sees no need for a gynelogical exam. It’s so frustrating. It’s not like I have much choice on switching doctors either. I live in a very small town. Can you PLEASE help me out?

  230. i am age is 27.i am virgin.i got my 1st periods at the age of 13.since than i am experiencing irregular periods problem..i had done several tasts like LMP, hormonal checkup, etc..i found some hormonal imbalance but my gynec and prescribed me Tab Orgametril (1+1+1)=7 days
    From the 14th day Tab Orgametril (1+1+1)=10 days.She told me to take it for 3 months. bt i had started this problem again.The resuts of the test are TSH 0.927IU/mL
    Prolactin 6.3 ng/ml.
    FSH 5.8mIU/ml
    LH 11.9mIU/ml
    Is there a simple sloution to get regular periods ????

  231. I am 16 years old. I first got my period when I was eleven. But this year it came on November 17 and hasn’t since. And today is March 20th. It use to be two or three months late tops but now almost six months. I am begging to get a litle worried.

  232. I am 30 years I have two children first baby is died second baby is now 5 years. when I period time 28 days regularly but these two monnths now I occured 20 days whant can I do? Please reply

  233. i have very irregular menses 4m starting.Now i m 22years old.i started my menses whn i was 13years.ill b getting married next sister says ill have problem in conceving.i have went 4 many test but nothing is there.i have taken medicines for this but i gain weight when i take these medicines.therefore i have stoped.but i have gain 15 kgs in 3mnths.plz reply i m very disturbed.thnks a lot

  234. to Dr. Dear doctor T. khan,
    thanks with felicitation, i am 28 yrs old & have been suffering irregular means troubles i complication for tension in husband none cooperation. some time . painful from 6 months advice management as well as treatment.

  235. To all of the women above:

    Irregular periodS can be caused by ovarian cysts, which are normal to have in a lot of cases. If you haven’t already, go to the doctor and let him/her know. He/she should then request that you get a pelvic and/or transvaginal ultrasound. This is what I had to do. If you find out that you do indeed have ovarian cysts, make sure the doctor lets you know what type of cyst it is (dermoid, malignant, etc.) and how big it is. Make sure you are getting check ups every six months to monitor the growth of your cyst. I recommend that you purchase and read an E book titled “Natural Ovarian Cyst Relief Secrets”. You can purchase this book at One last thing….don’t worry…it will only make your situation worse! When there is a WILL, there is a WAY* Trust in God to heal you. God Bless*

  236. hii doctor,,,myself ilmas ansari,,,i m 23 years old,,i got my first period at the age of 13 years,,,since then my periods are irregular,,comes after evry 15 days without any pain,,,n continues for only 3 heavy flow ,,but black,thread like liquid comes out.i have hairs on my chest and over whole body,, ma gynec prescribed me to take overall L,,bt after leaving to take it ma pblm becomes weight is 40 kgs and not increasing for about 5 years…plz healp me n tell me sme solution……..thanx

  237. hello doctor i am 18yrs old. i got my first period when i was eleven years old. i am suffering from irregular periods. it comes after two to three months and even if comes goes in two days.i have been taking arip and sizopin since 2 years.

  238. hello doctor i was suffering from irregular periods i went to a doctor she adviced to ve a ultrasound scan. i go with her and d result s i m having polycystic ovaries. i took treatment but still i m suffering with tis…..i dont what to do??
    even i had used contraceptive pills and metformin tablets as per the advice given by my doctor

  239. Hello Mam,
    I am 26 year old, single. I have irregular period problem. Till 2007 my period was perfect. Suddenly my weight got increased due to change in my life style. And suddenly my period stopped. Visited doctor, she said its PCOD. No thyroid problem. Had been under medication for 4 months. If I take tablets it will be normal, otherwise I do not get period. But for my body even low dosage tablet like Krimson 35 causes side effects like pain in breast. SO doctor advised not to go for any medication. Do morning walk and excersize. I started to do walk and exercize since from 1 month back. But not got my period. It is been 40 days I got my period. And I have severe knee joint pain. If I stand for sometime, the pain will be worse. I am a software engineer. Please advice me do I need to go to another doctor? She says after marriage it will become normal. Any Hope??

  240. Dear Doctor,
    I am 25 yrs old. I got my first period when i was in 5th grade and since then i have irregular periods. Sometimes it even goes 6 months without period.The last period i had on 15th Nov 09 and today is 25/03/2010; however last week i ate lots of chocolates, papayas and dates to get my period. So,2 days before i got few drops of period and then stopped for a day and again started few drops on the third day (all together i got period for 2 days alternate days). Recently i noticed some hairs growing on my chin and i am very much worried. Tomorow i’m planning to go to a gynologist. Please advice.Thanking you in advance.

  241. hello doc i am Angel and i am 19 years old i had my first period at the age of 13 and since than i am suffering from irregular periods but when ever it occurs it gives me a lot of pain in my stomach and i have consulted a doc too but still a have got no positive results.i had my period about 2 months ago in the month of january. i am very upset with problem please give me some tips to copp up with this problem

  242. I am 23 years old, married with a 6 year old son. I had a miscarriage/D&C on January 20, 2010. I am experiencing very irregular periods. The D&C went very smoothly – hardly any bleeding afterwards. On January 25, 2010 I experienced what I believed to be my menstrual cycle starting up again but it only lasted until January 27th. We continued to try to conceive after this. I began bleeding again on March 8 lasting until March 12. Then on March 23rd I began bleeding again, just 11 days after I thought my period had ended. Please let me know your thoughts or if you’ve heard of something similar to this in the past. Thank you!

  243. hi,i m just 17 year old i never up till today got regular period,i had my first period on 6th APRIL 2006,after that i have got period only 10 times,which i feel is not good as per my age,and i have 2 sister they have their period regularly,i stay in kalyan is their any good doctor who can solve my problem. if my problem is not serious than please send some solution .THANK YOU !

  244. I am 22.i am a virgin and my period skips 2 to 3 months.and its never realy painful.i havent seen a doc i in trouble?

  245. Lucia. You sound like you are have anovulatory bleeding. A period with out ovulation, which creates light spotting. Instead of a full period.

  246. Tania, when you begin your period. It sometimes take years for it t+o become regular. This is normal. Something that you should only worry about in you 20’s+

  247. Glory, there can be several reasons for your delayed periods. Check the below link for some of the reasons that can cause delayed periods.

    If you are overweight, overexercising, have eating disorders, consuming alcohol, or suffer from emotional stress, you change your lifestyle. Your periods will be regulated in a few months. But, the above reasons are not applicable to you, then you should meet a doctor.

  248. i get my periods regularly the flow lasts till sixth or seventh day, but brown soptting continues till the 15th or 16th day from my period.i want to know whether its normal.please reply

  249. Minal, as nothing abnormal was found in your test results, you change your lifestyle. Regular exercise, healthy food consisting of fruits and vegetables, avoiding junk foods and sodas, reducing stress, and good night sleep may help in regulating your menstrual periods.

  250. Hello,mam
    Iam sufering for irregular periods,Iam married for 4 years,b’coz of this problem i d’nt got the baby, when i have in period their is no any pain,but some kind of brown blood comes out fo 2,3 days and then after blood,iam really worried about this problem. plz reply me and send me some information and prescription.
    Thank you.

  251. hello i’m anushka!!my periods are has been 11 days till today..some white discharge comes everyday..
    i dont know what it is..please tel me why that recharge is happening..and what should i do to get regular periods..

  252. Dear Doctor,
    I have a problem of Irregular menstrual period. I have felt that when I make physical relation with my husband regular, Menstrual starts within 12 to 15 days of last date of menstrual period.
    But If I dont do this menstrual starts regularly,
    But If my husband make relation within menstrual period, menstrual starts too much later with a much pain.

    Plz give right suggestion for this.

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