Are you worried with low sexual drive? Don’t worry, it is a quite normal condition that many women will experience at some point in their life and that’s one of the main reasons for infertility.

Even though it seems to be quite nuisance to discuss about, chances are there might be certain things that’s going wrong with your internal body.

Here are some common causes that can result in low libido in women.

Nutritional deficiencies

Only few of you can recognize the actual link between low libido and the shortage of nutrition.

Having nutritional deficiencies mainly triggers hormonal imbalances in your body. As a result, you could suffer from various gynecological problems and low sex drive as well.


If you are weighing a few extra pounds, it can be the main cause of your low sex drive and consequently it may also lead you to various other problems like infertility, pregnancy complications and also heart disease and palpitation. So, try to shed those extra pounds as soon as possible to prevent any further harm done to your body.


During the period of menopause, the estrogen level, which helps to maintain sexual health within your body tends to drop and would result in low sex drive. Apart from low sex drive, you will also suffer from dry vaginal tissues and other painful conditions.

Even breastfeeding, pregnancy, certain psychological causes like low self esteem, sexual abuse, stress and other relationship problems could trigger low libido in a women as well.


  1. last may 22,2009 my menstrational period may 24,2009 i take my mercilon pills until may 30,2009,but i stop taking only 7days i take{7tablets}, wehave a sexual contact at may 29,2009 with widrawal.nothing fallows bec. we broke up w/my bf.and now im still having menstrational period.what will be the effect and what will happened to me?

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